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gavin 08 May 2005 03:40

New Redbay 7.4 225 Opti
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You know the way you are not supposed to fill up plastic cans with petrol, its a little slacker over here

codprawn 08 May 2005 08:04

Thought you lot used milk bottles.................

Pete7 08 May 2005 08:41

That chart plotter is bigger than a chess board :eek: nice rib though.


Louise 08 May 2005 16:38

Beautiful boat Tim & Gavin. But what happened to the 'of Og'? :eh:

gavin 08 May 2005 16:40

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Raymarine c 120 came with the rib, so far so good, lacks a tide table or maybe we havnt found it yet

gavin 08 May 2005 16:46

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gavin 08 May 2005 16:49

The Wizard Of Og I feel , has a personal meaning for the guy from whom be bought the rib, he couldnt have been more of a gent, as a courtsy to him we kept some of the name and just shortned it to Wizard, he is awaiting his next boat, may want to use the name again

codprawn 08 May 2005 17:00


Originally Posted by gavin
Raymarine c 120 came with the rib, so far so good, lacks a tide table or maybe we havnt found it yet

Would LOVE one of those - they aint cheap!!! Was looking at a Garmin 172c until I saw just how small it really was - may go down the Raymarine path now - can always add radar as well if I feel like cooking myself.....

gavin 08 May 2005 17:20

The best site we have ever came across for this kind of stuff, is VIT ELECTRONICS, in Flordia, you can connect radar, also sonar, to the plotter, u can have split screen or overlay, and with a connection to the dsc set, we have a lat long displayed on the radio, also look at the lock fitted to the side of the bracket, they were featured in RI Dura locks for locking nav gear on boats etc

TIM 08 May 2005 17:21

GAVIN ... I will tell you how to get up the tide info ...... you hover the cursor , over the tidal dimond , and then all the info pops up when you hit the OK botton !!!!! you need to Listen to me more when we are out :D :D

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