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niels 24 July 2002 14:52

foto 2
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like it?

Charles 24 July 2002 15:00

Nice Revenger Niels, bet is goes like the clappers!!

niels 04 November 2002 14:41

on top

Charles 04 November 2002 15:12

Crikey Niels, you would need more grab rails on that Revenger when that baby gets going!!:eek:

Manos 04 November 2002 15:35

Nice looking revenger must go like a ROOOOOOOKET!!!!
Is it poss to let me know (I'm very very curious) how many knots @ top speed, revs and what type prop do you have on it??

niels 05 November 2002 07:11

speed and prop
thanks for the compliments guys.
She runs 60 knots, then it gets instable. But she's capable for a little more speed.
I think I need some trim tabs or power lift or something.
(Can you help me Manos I believe you have more experience. I saw your boat. Excellent!)
I have a Mirage plus 23inch prop, which is the best for my boat I believe. ( I tried a lot )
full throttle 5550 revs

Greetings from Holland

Manos 05 November 2002 07:23

Tks for your comments too. Have a look also in the photo section and you will see the new racinng beast :V Tell me hat you think.

Now going back to props, I have a prop calculation program which can with quite a bit of accuracy tell you the best prop for the boat.

If you want me to send it to you please give an email address otherwise please give me the following details:

Length @ Water line in mtrs
Displasement (your normal boat weight with 4 adults and fuel o/b etc) in kgs
Max engine rpm (I believe that it must be 6000?)
Gear Box Ratio


niels 05 November 2002 07:27


max rpm is 5800 then the motor stops.

niels 05 November 2002 07:31

more info
Can tou sent me some more info Manos about what you sell?
I know someone who is maybe interrested.(bad english??)
Do you have experience with trim tabs and powertrim?


TIM 05 November 2002 07:32

Does it come with bicycle clips for the ends of you trousers??????

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