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thorper 25 March 2005 13:33

Solent 25th March Photos
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Just a few I managed to get sorted out before going to the pub tonight! I'll get the rest up on the web over the next few days..

Thanks to everyone for a great day out, especially Paul & Kathleen for organising and Craig for the zapcat ride.


thorper 25 March 2005 13:34

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Some more...

thorper 25 March 2005 13:35

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Last 2

Zippy 25 March 2005 15:42

Wow! Seeing that Zapcat was amazing!!!

Great pictures you got there!!!

ollyit 25 March 2005 15:45

theres more pics of that zap cat airbourne than in the sea! :eek:

craigdavis 25 March 2005 15:59

Wow those are good pics ricky me and adam are very thankful for your sharp shooting. Would like to see what the rest of your pics turned out like.

Thanks :D

Andy 25 March 2005 17:26

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Some of my pics, Craig and Adam in the Zapcat feature heavily.

Andy 25 March 2005 17:28

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More ..

The Jackeens 26 March 2005 02:09

Grrrrreat photos Andy and Ricky!

What superb shots of the Zapcatters :cool: :cool:

Looked like loads of fun Craig :thumbs:


Phil Chitty 26 March 2005 03:20

Top photos.
Looks like your weather was better than ours! :D

Nice Zapcat shots.


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