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limeydal 13 March 2005 21:27

Grey whales then Busted!!!
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Managed to get some shots of my fist sighting of Grey whales today! (promised RichL to spot some before the season ended!!) :thumbs:
Couldn't get too close so as not to disturb them(supposed to keep a 1000ft away ) Hmm wheres my tape :rolleyes:
Anyway pod of around 8 animals of various sizes , so impressive to see(No breaching I'm afraid) just cruising along.

On the way back in saw a nuclear Sub coming into dock and thought I would shoot a few photos.
Didn't notice the USCG patrol RIB behind me at first (just to the right of the sub). They asked me politely to keep back 500 ft and sped off.
However not sure if they didn't like the competition for bright orange RIB's ;) or just wated to see what I was up to. Anyway pulled me over,and checked documentation/safety equipment/ID etc. Very official and proffesional until they had established everything was OK and then started talking about RIBs.I commented on their Zodiac Hurricane and he seemed interested in the XS.
So all went well and they even asked me for shots to be emailed to them if they came out OK ;which I was happy to do.Maybe more good PR for the growing RIB interest out here,
cheers Dal

Rich L 14 March 2005 03:25

Nice one Darrall. Must have been awesome. I'm on my way.....

MeMe 14 March 2005 06:07

I don't know what I'm........
..........more amazed at. Tha fact that you were able to get so close to a whale or the fact that you could get even closer to a USS costing billions of dollars. Both pics are equally as amazing - you lucky sod :thumbs:

limeydal 14 March 2005 09:17

I was still a distance from the whale,so I digitally enlarged the image once I got back (Cheating i know)
As for the sub , that was a little trickier.
As well as the patrol ribs; they had a couple of the SeaArk boats with 50 calibres manned and also small USCG cutters with the crew topside with M16's in hand checking me out as I cruised by.
Then when the USCG pulled me over the crew had Berrettas on their hips.So seems they all take it pretty seriously, :eek: :eek:
Felt sorry for the "saily Guys" as there was quite a Regatta going on , and they were clearing the centre chanel completely to get the sub in.
They were scattering all over the place as the sub with tugs on either side ploughed its way down the middle :D :D
When will they learn and buy a RIB :]
cheers Dal

Manny 14 March 2005 19:25

Nice Shot!
I like the whale picture Dal. Thanks for posting.

The Police State stuff is a PITA.

Rogue Wave 14 March 2005 21:42

what a great day seeing two types of Leviathon!. It's great that coastguard Ribsters got talking about your boat. I hope you invited em on to Ribnet

Noice bit of metalwork on the back was the rib a jet drive also does the CG were Lifejackets as well as Berettas or are they flotation suits

Nick Hearne 15 March 2005 02:22

Looking at those jock seats I bet those chaps walk around like John Wayne!

REKRAP 15 March 2005 07:17

Key west
Hi there we are currently off key west and yes the rib market seems to be growing down here. We have seen over 20 outfits in the last wek or so, especially military and coast guard

limeydal 15 March 2005 10:17

Damn!! XS Caught by a "Haddock"
Was just researching the USCG to answer some of your questions and turned out I was caught by a "Haddock"
The USCG rib that stopped me was the "daughter boat" to the cutter shown below. Seems it it launched of a ramp at the back and provides fast response capability.

It it jet drive Zodiac Hurricane and will try and get some more info on it.
There web site is interesting to check out(but no photos of the RIB I'm afraid)Will have to try and remedy that :thumbs:
I did give them the Ribnet site to check out so maybe they will see the interest here and post a reply themselves.
(Maybe they could answer Rogue's question of do their jackets provide flotation..)
And hurry up Rich/ Need help on the helm while I take photos!
cheers Dal

limeydal 19 March 2005 00:57

The coastguard member got back to me about the safety gear they wear.For sheltered waters they just use the Mustang bomber jackets with built in flotation.

He also mentioned they are on patrol the end of the month and wondered if I wanted to meet up and take some photos of them deploying the Zodiac from the back of the patrol cutter! :thumbs:
Cant turn down a chance like that!!
Hope to get some decent shots I can post and share,
cheers Dal

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