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Tims Osprey 12 March 2005 12:07

new member
Hi everybody, I would just like to introduce myself as a new member to ribforums my name is Tim and my boat is an osprey viper 5.25 called sea wise that is powered by a 100 V4 suzuki 2 stroke 1996 :cool: and very fast.

Does anyone else out there own this type of engine as i have heard a number of mixed opinions on this unit for instance idling problems and starting, any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Tim.

Petrov 12 March 2005 12:14

Hi and welcome Tim;

Would love to see some pics of your Viper :)

Nick Hearne 12 March 2005 12:39

Hi nice boat :thumbs:
I have the 5.75 with a 100hp
Great Ribs

Tims Osprey 12 March 2005 16:21

tims osprey 5.25 viper
3 Attachment(s)
here are a few pics as requested, like to see your boat. Tim.

Petrov 12 March 2005 17:01

Nice Tim;

I think i saw that one for sale a year or two somewhere in UK.

SOLENTER 12 March 2005 18:58

Hi Tim
I have the same unit only mine is the 90 runs like a sewing machine ticks
over like a watch starts first time, I would think yours needs a tweek

All the best

Petrov 13 March 2005 04:00


Originally Posted by Petrov
Nice Tim;

I think i saw that one for sale a year or two somewhere in UK.

Hi Tim;

I wrote wrong,

I think i saw that one for sale a one or two years ago somewhere in UK.
Have you recently bought it?

Tims Osprey 13 March 2005 04:15

Hi Petrov, Well i bought the boat last september in south wales and having owned quite a few differant kinds of boats and ribs including a boston whaler dauntless none of them compare to this for seakeeping and build. ;)

Regards Tim.

Petrov 13 March 2005 04:21

Than it must be the one i saw on the net, nice to hear that you are happy with it, i have just sold my Falcon 8,2m so now i have a Viper Max 5,8m with a 150hp Yam V6, fast as hell and the acceleration are amazing :thumbs:

osprey__viper 13 March 2005 11:53

Welcome Tim :thumbs: Great boat you have there, But then im biased :D



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