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Jono Garton 15 November 2004 05:49

RIB net Advanced Powerboat Course
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Professional Powerboat Training were welcomed by several members of RIB.net this weekend on an advanced course at our new Center at Fort Belan on the Menai Straits.

Pic 1 PPt's Menai Center at Fort Belan
Pic 2 The main Doc at Fort Belan
Pic 3 Entrance to the dock
Pic 4 Dr John Firth & Andy
Pic 5 The Students with Arwyn (Instructor)

fort belan can be found at www.FortBelan.co.uk - ideal place for ribsters to holiday.

Jono Garton 15 November 2004 05:56

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pic 1 ready for departure
pic 2 waiting for it to get dark
pic 3 Dylan (DGR) completing close quarter work around a pier with 7 knots of tide running.

jackeen 16 November 2004 13:29

Looks great Jono


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