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mikew4 11 February 2017 17:26

A-frame - simple mod
I have a stainless steel A-Frame with 2 vertical legs on each side of the boat.

I want to add a horizontal length of stainless tube between the two verticals to mount light weight accessory.

Don't want to do any welding.

Need to work out a way to clamp together.

Any ideas?

Poly 11 February 2017 17:51

Depending on diameters etc then perhaps something like these split clamps: Baseline Marine Products Ltd - Stainless Steel and Cast Range

GuyC 12 February 2017 01:12

90 Degrees T Joint, For 25mm Tube Clamp-ON

I see your comment about no welding which I understand for the boat but if you were happy to have a couple of flat plates welded on the end of the new tube you could U-bolt it in place.

I Googled A4 stainless handrail fittings to get the website above

jeffstevens763@g 12 February 2017 08:45

Look on seascrew site loads of fittings I've used the grub screw type easy and neat they also sell the tube in different DIA

mikew4 12 February 2017 10:39

I should have mentioned that the A-Frame is made from 2" stainless tube. Which discounts handrail fittings as they tend to be a lot smaller.

jeffstevens763@g 12 February 2017 11:24

Get your 2 inch tube bent to suit have an internal pipe welded inside at each end at the fabricators slot inside your uprights and pop rivet through at the cardinal points

mikew4 12 February 2017 13:09

Found the perfect fittings for my needs:

Pipe Ring With Boss

and better still, cheap as chips !

oracle 12 February 2017 13:13

I've used the ones Poly sent the link for. They do 2" and 3" ones. Very easy to use and strong.

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