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Mode 04 October 2016 03:32

Spider Cracks
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Hello All

I had posted this on my "newbie with a project" thread but I am not sure it has been seen!

While working on the boat I saw these spider cracks in the hull - are they serious?

I have read that these can be sanded down and painted (gel coat) etc?

Thoughts anyone?



Xk59D 04 October 2016 03:34

What type of boat and where exactly are they?

Are they where a trailer roller sits or can you press very hard and indent etc?

Mode 04 October 2016 03:45

Hi, they are close to the bow - the bottom right curve in the image is where the bow starts to rise up (if that makes sense)

Ribtec 655

You can't push them in at all!



Xk59D 04 October 2016 04:01

If they are in a line maybe it hit something before you owned it.

If you can't flex that part of the hull and can't see it through a hatch above I would sand them out and gel it again and keep an eye on it.

Mode 04 October 2016 04:07

Will do that then!


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