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cjj216 05 September 2016 05:56

Ocean pro under deck pic
I'm sure I've seen on here a pick of a Humber Ocean Pro before the deck is fitted?
There's a bung in the anchor locker up front allowing water to drain through the hull to another bung in the well at the bottom of the transom.
From there it can be pumped out with the bilge pump or the trunk fitted in the well.
All works well but recently I was on a mooring and left the anchor locker bung open and the rear well bung open. The anchor locker hatch isn't water tight so the underdeck space filled with water.
Not the end of the world - simply open the rear bung and let it out via the two options at the rear.
I'm just wondering if there's a channel down the keel that allows water to flow from the locker to the well or does the whole void fill up?
I've mentioned this photo of the under deck space before. Humber Paul seemed to think he'd seen the pic aswell.
Anyone got any info? Maybe someone has replaced the deck on one of these boats and can fill me in?

HUMBER P4VWL 05 September 2016 06:53

Ocean pro under deck pic
I'm led to believe there is a central channel as there are stringers that run front to back either side of the keel.

If rear bung is open when left, the rain water will partially fill the void as the hole in the rear well is just below the level that an auto bilge pump will remove.

When we arrive at the mooring, a quick throttle/nose in air drains it out and the pump removes the water.

If we leave both bungs in, the anchor locker fills over time. No point leaving that one out and the rear one in or it would eventually fill. So we leave both open. It also means air passes through so you don't end up with stagnant water in the void.

Can't recall where the photo was, however I'd rung Humber in year 1 as to how to leave it on the mooring and this was their advice. Been fine since and nothing has rotten from within in 6yrs of being out swinging for full seasons.

cjj216 05 September 2016 08:54

Thanks Paul.
Just realised - I've explained things slightly wrong.
I'd left the anchor bung open but left the well bung in. I remember you posting your advice and I've followed it since you posted it.
I usually empty any water that's accumulated through the bilge pump or trunk.
However, once all the water is out and we're underway, I put both bungs in until we're finished for the day.
On this day I'd forgot to open the rear bung before leaving the boat for 3 days of heavy rain so I ended up with water in the well AND in the space beneath the deck.
Although I've had water in there many times and, as you say, it's easily removed. I can't help wondering if there's any bare ply under there that's sitting in a wet or damp environment or cavities that let water in but not out leaving it sitting there.

cjj216 05 September 2016 09:40

Should also mention that I don't have an auto pump. Just manual. Never been an issue as the boat only spends 2 or 3 separate weeks on a mooring and is usually visited daily.
Just so happened that the 3 days I couldn't get to the boat on my recent hols - it p**ss*d down!!

HUMBER P4VWL 05 September 2016 12:47

Ocean pro under deck pic
Wouldn't worry as we have had some water sitting in the void for very long periods. Humber said the void, main channel from upper hull to under deck is sealed. I'd guess 6yrs of testing would have proved otherwise!!!

if you're on the trailer it's probably best to take bungs out to let air circulate and raise jockey wheel up in the air so any rain water sits just in the rear well or drains out of the trunk.

Under way, with bungs out, the amount of water that would get in if you "stuffed" and filled from tube to tube would be relatively minimal... I've done it! :-) Plus it would come out once underway anyway. I guess if you've no auto bilge, water from sports/rain/waves wouldn't be emptied and just slosh about, so bung in at the rear is useful.

cjj216 05 September 2016 13:09

Thanks again. That's the second time you've saved me a phone call to Humber!
Still, if anyone reading has that picture or plans of the under deck set up then please post. 👍

HUMBER P4VWL 05 September 2016 16:33

No worries, I'd like to see a photo though of an OP with its deck ripped up!

I suspect in some years of production there'll be a few boats where the void isn't sealed, the nature of British cottage industry...

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