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limeydal 08 October 2004 22:26

Where to go??
Got the XS 550 fixed today, so planning on a weekend out on the water.
Manos and others had asked for some photos of this side of the pond , so let me know what you would like to see!
Could do Mission Bay and creep round the back of Sea World for a free show.
Out into the ocean around La Jolla to check out the Sea life(tons of seals but a bit early for whales yet)
Or San Diego Bay with its large Naval contingent and "touristy stuff"
(They have just berthed the new carrier "Ronald Reagen" here, so might be worth checking out.)
Also they have the special forces "seal teams" at Coronado, who have some pretty impressive ribs ; with unusual options (Like 50 calibre machine guns on the bow!!! but are a bit touchy about you photographing them!)
Will do our best,
cheers Dal

The Jackeens 09 October 2004 04:01

Look forward to those photos...should be very interesting :D


limeydal 09 October 2004 14:41

Seal RIB
1 Attachment(s)
Must post a photo of your "Loo buddy" jewel falling out of my old sib while trying to get in a Donut !!
Meanwhile here's a photo of the Seal team RIB at a recent open day.
Funny they wern't taking orders for them!
Will try and get one of them out on the water as they look pretty impressive with the jet drives open full,
cheers Dal

Erin 09 October 2004 14:58

Pretty serious looking trailer too. Bet they wouldn't stop that if it went runaway on a steep drive :D

limeydal 09 October 2004 15:43

Dont think they tow it with a Nissan either!
cheers Dal

Peter J 10 October 2004 16:17

Get a close up of those seals on the bouy and ask the last one to get on how he did it :)

codprawn 10 October 2004 16:21

Wonder how long their hull would last if someone got carried away with the Browning - still they are Yanks - they would NEVER do that!!!!

sunrider 10 October 2004 17:52

do you have any more pics of the seal team boat? looks very familiar - do you know who made it and any other details?

limeydal 10 October 2004 19:15

not very often we get up close to these boats.They don't seem that friendly!!!
Funny one came into Mission Bay the other week with a full compliment of Navy Seals/full camoflauge and weapons drawn.They were lying on the tubes and very serious!! Some kind of training Mission!!
Seemed funny as we were anchored just fishing and as they passed close I called out "nice Boat". Not one of them broke a smile.
Well nice to know they take their job seriously and we are protected fishing in the bay!
Will try and get some pics. next time I see them out; but dont think they will be answering questions on who builds them.
We do get close at the upcoming Miramar Air Show as they do a display,so will get on board this year and get as much info as I can
cheers Dal

Brian 11 October 2004 05:37

I notice that there are a group of islands about 60nm NW of San Diego.
About 2 hours run for you. Do you plan to go up there at all in the future?

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