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FIN 12 May 2016 04:25

Avon Typhoon questions
hi all newby here looking for some help recently purchased Avon typhoon 4s 4 mtr sib looking for manual for tube pressures also for fitting instructions for aluminium floor what is the correct way to install floor runners..??? as I have seen a few pictures with them at an angle also seen them flat any hep would be appreciated

ella rose 12 May 2016 16:47

Hi is that the black coloured dinghy with red trim,if so I might be able to help

FIN 13 May 2016 06:05

Hi Rosa yes it's the one with the red trim

ella rose 13 May 2016 07:14

I have the 3.4 metre version impossible to find any information on line, do the photographs of my dinghy show on my profile? The floor is fairly easy to assemble except for the final piece bow end.I start by lightly inflating the dinghy all round not the keel then slide in the two runners flat side down then place the aluminium decking in, first part with drainage hole nearest to transom ,then the centre piece should have four holes in make sure you have the right way up to interlock them finally the bow part the difficult piece ,first of all place it into the area that it is supposed to go then you need to pull back on the bow section dinghy as well to at least 90 degrees or more until it interlocks with middle section of decking should fall into place don't be shy in giving it a bit of force it really isn't a dinghy to dismantle every trip I keep mine in one piece and just let the pressure out hope this helps if you look on previous thread someone gave me advice about pressure too

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