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Max... 04 March 2016 07:43

Hop Farm (Kent) boat jumble this Sunday.
Thought I'd flag this up as generally more small boat stuff there than RIB's.

Kent Boat Jumble

Went last summer and not too bad, always great for picking up ropes, tanks, fenders, skis, LJ's, small items dead cheap, sometimes small SIB's too. I even bought a Tohatsu 9.8 last time I went. :thumbs:

It's not massive (and not sure how many sellers will be there this time of year) but worth a look if you're local.

Max... 06 March 2016 10:45

Not sure if anyone here got along but a good turnout. About six SIB's for sale, a dozen or so outboards, hundreds of anchors, countless LJ and enough rope to the moon and back.

Yabadabadoo 06 March 2016 11:09

I bought a used orbital sander for 20 http://m.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-erb3...FY8y0wodZesEAQ like that one, it works. Also I paid some money for some old rope...!

Knowing you have one thought you might have gone for the polished brass grapnel anchor on the last stall Max.. ;-)

I ummed and arred over the LJ's some for 10 new seemed too good to be true. 3.5m zodiac looked nice, there was a 2hp mariner for 225 sure they would've taken sub 200

Good time of year to go I think, a small show but as you say Max well attended

Yabadabadoo 06 March 2016 11:11

That link looks dreadful, it was basically an Erbauer random orbit sander 89.99 new, stall holder travelled down from Enfield

Max... 07 March 2016 02:59

Yep, best one I've been to. There was a nice Zodiac Futura for sale too.

Mind you I came away seriously pi**ed - could not believe my luck when I found an unused farm jack to replace the one nicked in my Landy. Last thing I expected to see there but before I could get the words out to the seller 30 secs after spotting it I heard "Yeah, I'll take the jack mate" in my left ear. You snooze you loose... :(

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