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Poly 07 January 2016 06:37

Scottish SIB Gathering 11/12 JUNE 2016
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Regular readers will recall some scottish SIBbers gathering in Oban last june to wild camp on the deserted island of Belnahua:


and no doubt fans of the Gurnard's prose will particularly remember his account of the trip:


Well this year we are planning to congregate again. This time I've picked the Clyde coast, which might make it easier for some from the south or even across the sea to reach if so inclined!

All the details are attached. The philosophy will be the same as last year - a bunch of boats cruising together at probably < 15 knots average speed and all looking out for each other whilst still being self sufficient. Camping remains the most flexible option (changing with the weather) but there is more potential for anyone who wants something more luxurious this year.

If anyone fancies getting involved in fine tuning the plans - we will probably meet in or near Stirling for a little refreshment and hand waving over the charts sometime around Easter.

It would be useful if people could indicate their interest below so we can keep you up-to-date with developments.

The Gurnard 07 January 2016 07:01

Hi Poly...white horses wont keep me away !!

Willk told me some story about a lady on the Garvellachs ... at last years meeting. I cant remember the full story..but he assured me it was why I have never managed to land there. :ermm:

I can confirm that I have seen the Lady of the Inch ..so landing on that island is not so difficult. However .. to preserve her ..from folks like me..they re-buried her but much deeper this time. :whistling:

The Queen of the Inch

So yup..count me in again :thumbs:

kaman 07 January 2016 17:13

As per last year Poly - I will 100% definitely be there.
Again thanks for your efforts organising this year's Sib excursion.

kaman 07 January 2016 17:34

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If this lady comes knocking on my tent door, I'm sending her to onwards to someone else......
Your welcome😂

kaman 07 January 2016 17:42

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Ahhhhh that's it The Queen of The Inch - she's a dead ringer of the mother in law in her younger days........

Paul_S 08 January 2016 12:06

Count me in for this one.

jambo 08 January 2016 12:50


Originally Posted by Paul_S (Post 703533)
Count me in for this one.

You got a sib Paul as well as your 6m rib?

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Paul_S 08 January 2016 15:27


Originally Posted by jambo (Post 703536)
You got a sib Paul as well as your 6m rib?

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I do indeed. Is it going to be SIB only as I probably would take the rib, but if not allowed...could take the sib.

ShinyShoe 08 January 2016 16:04


Originally Posted by Paul_S (Post 703553)
I do indeed. Is it going to be SIB only as I probably would take the rib, but if not allowed...could take the sib.

Last year they described it as S*IB with a footnote * = Small rather than Soft. If you were suspicious Poly owns a hard boat not a soft boat. All the 'entrants' were 4m or less I think.

Cruising speed <15kts is the key thing I think. The big boats will be bored.

They can't turn you away because its not a ticketed event - you can of course turn up in a submarine and chase them about... BUT ...last year a couple of folks suggested they;d bring there big RIBs along as safety cover and I think it was, ahem, er, subtly hinted that maybe doing 60NM in a SIB with a 10m RIB 100m away "just in case" might be slightly less adventurous than a SIB doing it among only other SIBs. :whistling:

The other reason big boats may be less suited is they are highly likely to find some rocky beach to come ashore on and wild camp on the beach. You'd need to anchor it and come in on a SIB which would be fine. But do you ever anchor and leave your RIB overnight? Most people worry about dragging when wind/tide change direction... You may not be camped directly next to the anchorage... I think poly may have anchored last year from the write ups but run a line ashore but his boat will take a far bigger pounding that a GRP boat on a rocky shallow...

You'll prefer the whole experience in the SIB...:thumbs:

The PDF says -- small ribs. I don't think 6m is small.

jambo 08 January 2016 17:01

Scottish SIB Gathering 11/12 JUNE 2016
Yep I was one of the caring ribs that offered safety and to carry for them. But as you say I was turned with my tail between my legs. I can't remember who the other ribber was that got same treatment 👍😇

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