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Max... 15 December 2015 08:56

Just had my Land Rover stolen
One of those never thought it would happen to me moments. This morning, board daylight - Lidl car park in Hastings while we did Christmas food shopping inside. Obviously if anyone sees anything online or locally whatever please let me know, long time Landy nut owned cherished and irreplaceable family vehicle with a lot of time and love gone into it. One of the last 300tdi CSW's.

Pretty distinctive with all glass etched with reg, rear interior all chequer plated etc.


Fenlander 15 December 2015 09:40

Oh Max that's totally gutting, more than just another vehicle to you I know. Must be on CCTV when it went surely?

whisper 15 December 2015 10:07

Gutted, sorry to hear that mate :(

Chris 15 December 2015 11:53

Bad luck Max. Hope you get her back in one piece.

Max... 15 December 2015 12:13

Cheers guys, we're doing what can possibly be done to try and find it.

gotchiguy 15 December 2015 12:18

Very sorry to hear that.

It's very easy not to bother putting on the pedal box etc on when you're just leaving it in a seemingly secure car park for five minutes but this just shows how easily and quickly they can go. Shove a screwdriver in the ignition and off they go.

camelgas 15 December 2015 12:37

Bad news :eek:.

There is a forum for listing stolen landys , I think it may be called: landy watch ? could be worth a shot.

Ribtecer 15 December 2015 15:18

Oh my lord, I don't know what to say. If I lost mine ??? - words fail me.

What does the law say?

Its quite distinctive, you've got to find it before its stripped down.

Hopefully just kids and you'll get it back.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


mick 15 December 2015 15:30

Just had my Land Rover stolen
Bugger have you stuck the details on Landy watch
I've posted it on Defender2 as well

HughN 15 December 2015 15:38

Nightmare. My commiserations and fingers crossed it will be recovered. The culprits will soon discover how much it costs to run and will bring it back.

My wife waves at other LRs (don't ask!) so I will ask her to keep an eye open as we bumble between West and East Sussex.

Its quite distinctive - I can't say I've ever seen an identical one.

Given the number of ANPR cameras around, surely the Police can help?

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