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stufft 30 April 2015 16:16

How to beach launch?
As the title says, how should you beach launch? Should I get waders, wellies or get feet wet? Can you do it without getting wet? At what point should I ask the other half to get in the boat?

Yeah I know I could learn from experience but I thought I'd get a few pointers first before I get the SIB wet for the first time.


paddlers 30 April 2015 16:31

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We beach launch all the time with our Honwave 3.5 ally floor but we don't mind getting wet. The only way to get in a boat dry is from a pontoon or wear waders but if there's any sort of swell/waves chances are you'll still get damp...
I get the family in first leaving the launch wheels down but the boat floating then push it out a bit getting my nads wet in my shorts then clamber in. At this point one of the kids starts rowing out whilst I faff on with the engine. Once it's ticking over I lift the wheels up and off we go:speedboat:Attachment 104936

stufft 30 April 2015 16:35

Ah ok. So in the absence of launch wheels, I should be prepared for getting a bit wet.

paddlers 30 April 2015 16:54

I dare say everybody has a different take on it but we're on holiday and the kids are usually in shorts or wetsuits so getting wet's part of the fun. We've launched in rivers and gone fishing relatively dry from the bank but breaking waves on the beach can make it much more interesting as can a strong breeze.
Picking the right conditions to launch and recognising when it's not feasable are the key to enjoying it.

Max... 30 April 2015 16:54

Getting out is reasonably easy, it's getting back in when the winds got up (as it always does) while you're out that's the usual problem!

Depends on the beach of course but sandy gentle shelving is easier than stony, steep shingle of course. Whatever the geography you cannot launch off a beach without getting wet feet.

So, we haul boat down on wheels dipping bow in water. Gear in, engine on, wheels off, lift/push boat further into water then turn it round 180 deg so engine is in enough water, then engine semi down I start it. Wife and son holding boat, in I get, son jumps in, kill cord on, in gear and and off we go backwards.

I used to do the whole row it out thing but much easier doing the above.

Coming in depends on surf etc but if rough come in quick, engine up, jump out and haul like ****.

stufft 30 April 2015 16:58

Thanks for all the quick replies. I think I'll need to invest in some transom wheels at some point. As it is, I'll get wet on Saturday and see how things go. Need to break in the motor which is a whole other discussion lol

paddlers 30 April 2015 17:22

Launch wheels make owning a sib so much easier. The things get heavy with an outboard & fuel tank , with the wheels it can be done single handed.

blootac 01 May 2015 02:45

I've got transom wheels on mine so maybe it's different for me.
I have either waders or a dry/wet suit at any time other than the summer when I'm in shorts. I expect to get waist deep.
The waders normally come off once I'm out.

If there's me and other people coming out:
If it's anything but mirror smooth:
  • Wheel it out nose first into the waves.
  • Leaving the wheels down start engine in shallow water tilt and power out past the waves.
  • Wheels up, turn around come back to shore. if the waves are breaking, I stop short of the shore, jump out and turn the boat nose out into the waves and walk it back in with the engine up.
  • Get people in while, keeping them as dry as possible and holding nose into waves
  • Walk boat back out while someone starts the engine
  • I jump in and power out.

If it's mirror smooth
  • walk boat out
  • wheels up
  • walk back in
  • people in
  • walk back out, engine down, start and off

If it's just me...
  • Walk out
  • Engine start with wheels down
  • Jump in
  • Power out past waves
  • Wheels up
  • Off I go

If you've got a small child then depending on their weight it might be easier to chuck them in while the wheels are up getting them to sit over the transom and wheel them out.

stufft 01 May 2015 03:48

Thanks blootac. Quite a comprehensive reply. From what I've read I think wheels are the way to go but I can't wait until I fit them before I get our on the water

blootac 01 May 2015 04:30

See my video here to see me launch and recover

Also, this thread a few days ago about rollers

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