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boater4life 30 March 2015 18:18

Need advice on Rib...Zodiac or Achilles???
I'm currently looking at two models that will fit my needs. The Zodiac Cadet 290 Rib and the Achilles HB-280LX. Both are just about 9 feet long which is what I need. The Achilles is about $500-600 dollars more expensive. I know the pvc vs. hypalon debate and stuff like that. But will one of these models be better than the other?

jyasaki 31 March 2015 10:06

Would probably help if you stated what your needs are, i.e. Better for what?


boater4life 01 April 2015 17:11

I'm going to have the dinghy on the back of my boat on the swim platform. Just want something that will handle small chop well that's why I'm going with a rib. I hear the hard bottom rib is much more stable for getting in and out of the dinghy as well. I didn't know who made the better option. I know they difference of hypalon and pvc and obviously Achilles makes only hypalon boats but I'm not so sure I need hypalon material in michigan. ( doesn't get too hot for very long like it does in Florida)

jyasaki 02 April 2015 10:05

Agree with the ride part; not so sure of the stability statement. A SIB has both tubes touching the water at rest, so is reasonably stable. A RIB may or may not have both tubes in the water at rest (depends on design), so actually may be less stable.

As far as material, I prefer hypalon, but that's a judgement call. The late model Zodiacs seem to hold up pretty well. PVC is lighter, too, I think, for a given size.

I had a 14' Achilles SIB for about 5 years, and had no complaints from a workmanship standpoint. Well built boat.


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