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jools 17 March 2002 11:22

Spirit Send Off - part one!
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Today Cath and I met up with Nadia to check out Cardiff Bay and the facilities available for the SoC send-off weekend - and to make sure there is space for The Pride of Bristol.

I've taken some snaps that hopefully will give people an idea of what to expect

Lets start with the Slip way at Cardiff bay Yacht Club.

The site is very secure - Security on the barrier during the day - Locked gates at night - so no worries about leaving your rib here.

jools 17 March 2002 11:23

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There are actualy 2 slips at the club - this being the second one.

jools 17 March 2002 11:26

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This is the Pontoon that PoB will be moored to - with Ribs all arround.

The club was busy with sailors - so it will be interesting to see what the think when we turn it into Cardiff Bay RIB club for the weekend =)

jools 17 March 2002 11:28

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View from the club towards the Barrage

jools 17 March 2002 11:32

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View accross the Bay towards Cardiff (Football stand on the left of the pic!)

jools 17 March 2002 11:40

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Now a shot of the Barrage Lock - There are actualy 3 locks all the same size. Nadia is hopeing that when SoC locks out we may use more than 1 lock so we can all go out together

jools 17 March 2002 11:41

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The Yacht Club from the Barrage

jools 17 March 2002 11:45

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Now pay attention - here's an important pic!!

This is the "The Waterguard" (The light couloured building on the left) where the Saturday night Party is being held:lick:

It is right next to "The Tube" where the SoC exhibition is

jools 17 March 2002 11:47

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View of the Bay from the Visitors Center

Possibility of mooring PoB here if the yacht club is unsuitable - eg high winds etc.

jools 17 March 2002 11:55

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Here's the very important one!!
Nadia kindly took us to the secret bat cave :rolleyes: where the final touches are being made to SoC

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