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beerbelly 22 November 2014 12:17

launch trolley question
looking on ebay at launch trolleys for my honwave airdeck there are two im looking at one has bunk type supports at the transom end the other has rollers is there going to be any advantage with either set up or will it not make much difference thanks for any advice:thumbs:

camelgas 22 November 2014 13:04

All of our trolleys use the rear bunks, and are easy to use (with sailing dinghys) not sure that they would do a SIB much good in the long term !, you may need to adapt to give better support. :thumbs:

Peter_C 22 November 2014 14:06

Why not transom wheels? To me transom wheels would seem far easier to use than a dolly that has to be left somewhere on shore. Also gives you the added benefit of going ashore most anywhere.

philpot 22 November 2014 14:25

Transom wheels on the extended air floor are a pig to locate, you are holding up the weight of the boat and trying to position in a socket with very little tolerance. Then you have to line the tiny holes for the pin to go through. Not as much of an issue if you have help but no fun on your own.

The extended floor is great but it is about time someone came up with a better design for the wheels or of course for Honda to stop making the extended floor then people could buy launch wheels that weren't a rip off and would work much much better.


beerbelly 22 November 2014 14:28

thanks for the input im thinking the roller type may be easier to use on my own .as for transom wheels to fit around the trim tabs that stick out behind the transom they are over 200 and look a little flimsy .the buoyant nature of inflatable tyres make transom wheels a pain to fit/remove. if I go ashore I would leave the sib in the water. the launch trailer im looking at is collapsible so I could chuck it in my van if I wasn't comfortable leaving it near the launch point. but thanks for the suggestion

camelgas 22 November 2014 14:44

If I was going to use a trolley on my SIB , I would make it bunked to support the tubes and a central bunk for the keel.

beerbelly 22 November 2014 15:52

ok thanks there is bunked type that folds up on ebay for 159 I think that's the one ill go for thanks for the advice

paddlers 23 November 2014 01:55

3 Attachment(s)
Had one of these for a while, simple & worked well on my 3.2 ally floor sib.:thumbs:Attachment 100968

Attachment 100969

Attachment 100970

beerbelly 23 November 2014 03:08

cheers that's the sort of thing. tbh there's 2 on eBay that are similar. ones half the price but from the Netherlands and both look like I would need to tweak them for my use (larger bunks on one and extend and make into a Tbar the handle on the other)

Biggy 06 December 2014 03:12

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I have the honda wheels on mine, I can't say I've found them an issue at all.
I can put them in drop or lift position on my own without problem, whether on water or on land, pretty sure I've done so too with the nipper in the boat.
My mates dad (aged 70+) has a false arm, he too manages the wheels on his own. I believe he put a locator on the shaft though, and ground away the mount slightly.. See picAttachment 101423

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