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MatFromPoland 14 October 2014 03:46

Planned route: Greece, Argolic Gulf, Nafplio->Monemvasia->Elafonisos

I will share my planes for Jun/July 2015.
I hope to spend again few weeks in Greece with my family (2+3).
Kids will be 16 y + 2 * (12 y) old. Total weight of the crew was 270 kg this year. Maybe 300 kg next year. I have ordered HIGHFIELD OM540DL + HONDA BF100 HP set. So hope to use it in Greece in 2015.

We have been spending summer in Greece since 6 years (Argolid Gulf and Creete - Paleochora). We will stay between Mili and Kiwieri in 'Polish' apartments Kalimera (Polish couple have build them).
Below mentioned link is in Polish (sorry for that):

Please find below mentioned screen shoot from maps.google.pl:

I did explore only are in green circle. I used SIB HONWAVE T38IE2 and HONDA BF20 engine and for my family longer trips than 50 km were not funny. Red arrows shows thermal wind (direction of it) which I faced in Jun/July. Usually it is quite (flat water) till 1-2 PM. After this time 'thermal wind' started. I did not faced bigger waves than 1m during 5 years. Usually there are below 50 cm.

I would like to make someday very long trip from apartments to Monemvasia.
It will take 4 hrs including dinner in some towern near Monemvasia and 2 breaks on the way:

I would like to go to Elafonisos also but I'm not sure if be better to stay for a night in Monemvasia and continue next day or try to go to Elafonisi on the same day:

I hope to have cruise speed about 40-50 km/h. I have not idea about petrol consumption (we will see).

Please find below mentioned links about Monemvasia:
Sailing | www.monemvasia.gr

I'm really curious about snorkelling in Pavlopetri
Pavlopetri | www.monemvasia.gr


Below my pictures from "green elipse area":
Favorite empty beach (without access from land):

We are on island in front of Tolo and we are looking at our boat and another island:

I will be thankful for some advice. I worried about this "corner" on the way to Elafonisos. There are some legends about it.

Another question:

I know that I can snorkell only (it is OK we are not dive family) but can I put my anchor over prehistorical dived city ?

Maybe Monemvasia and go back be enough ? Or secure 2 nights (one in Monemvasia, second near Elafonisos.

I would like to eat here:

Limin Ieraka https://maps.google.pl/maps?q=37.542...num=1&t=h&z=15
It looks like Norwegian Fiord :)

I checked some places on the way (nice and wild bays, beach) used google map. I know that this route looks like challenge. I will public my other routes to Idra and Septes later. They are shorter and more safety (will be cover by some bays and islands)


My motorboat licence allow me to go not more than 2 nautical miles far away from coast. I have handheld VHF (Standard Horizont HX851E) and RYA certyficate for SRC-DSC VHF plus I have MMSI. Boat will be insured in Pantaenius.

If anyone know when I can buy petrol on this way will be thankful. I will have 100L on board but had not idea about consumption per 100 km. If it be 30 L / 100 km I can make this route but better to know where are "marine petrol stations"

John Kennett 14 October 2014 04:01

Looks like a fantastic place. Do you drive down from Warsaw?

MatFromPoland 14 October 2014 04:14


Originally Posted by John Kennett (Post 651073)
Looks like a fantastic place. Do you drive down from Warsaw?

Yes, 1100 km from Warsaw to Triest (Czech, Austria, Slovenia, Italy).
Without trailer it tooks 12-13 hrs (dinner, petrol, break).
There is a ferry from Triest to Patra (Peloponese)

It starts at 5 AM but usually you can embark at 2 AM.
This year we started at 11 AM from Warsaw and be at Midnight in Triest.
We eat something in restaurant and walk around port (it is very nice like old town).

Collect tickets at 1.30 AM, embark at 2.30 -> cabin, shower and go to sleep.
At 2 PM we looked at Ankona from ferry and next day at 2 PM we were in Patra.
Patra is on Peloponese so between Patra and Arglid Gulf there are only 3 hrs.

My job allow me to spend even month or more in Greece. In this region I spend even less money than in Poland.

Next step is ferry from Pireus to Chania. And we love to be in Paleochora (Sud part of Greece). My wife returns by airplane from Creete (there are cheap fly from Chania airport) and I will stay with kids.

Returning way took me 2 days:

22.30 - ferry Chania -> Pireus (you can onoard at 20 and go to sleep in cabin)
7.00 Start from Pireus
20.00 -> Hotel in Serbia (in the middle of the route)
10.00 AM -> Start from hotel in Serbia to Warsaw (Hungary, Slovakia, Chech, Poland)
23.00 Home

I have plans to left boat in Greece (in Paleochora)
or left it for my friend who has marina in Lefkas and will rent my RIB.
We will decide on our way.
I have never use any boat in Poland. After Greece water is not so clear and warm ...

MatFromPoland 14 October 2014 04:32


- food cheaper than in Poland and seems to be more fresh (fantastic fresh Sea Food)
- you can buy Fish in market (they can prepared it for free) and cook in oven. You will not smell fish in apartment (only herbs and lemon which you added)
- you will see less than one boat per 10 km2 or even less
- warm water
- crystal clear

On below mentioned picture I'm on the top and wreck is 15m down:
There is 30m visibility in Sea (Sud Crete)

In Peloponese less but still crystal clear:
And warm (Argolid Gulf - 25C - 28 C in Jun-July)

I like those places very much but I could not find any RIB rent service here (not in Nafplio, Kiwieri, Tolo the same Paleochora). This is a reason why I used SIB and now I plan to use my own RIB

Below mentioned dinner cost 15 EUR in Peloponese, 12 EUR in Creete:

And I repeat. There will be not any bad smell during cooking. Only herbs (you can cut rosmarine in a garden)

John Kennett 14 October 2014 11:17

It might be worth contacting batfalcon or one of the other Greek RIBnet members direct by PM to see if they have any suggestions?

batfalcon 14 October 2014 14:04

Thanks John for remembering me at the Southest point of Europe!
I already gave him some advices, mostly regarding the wheather conditions.
He aims for one of the BEST places in Greece.
Take a look at Google Earth for "Simo's beach" and the surounding ones.

It surely was a surprise for me not to have been forgotten at Ribnet!

MatFromPoland 14 October 2014 15:38

Hello Michael, many thanks for warnings. You have confirmed my doubts ...
I have noticed wind NE usually but also SE very often. For example one week of NE and few days SE. So maybe I will wait for SE start early (I doubt if my Family can wake up in Greece earlier than 7-8 AM) so I will have almost no wind on my way ??

I plan to be even 6 weeks in total so I will wait for good, stable condition for this trip.
Plus I will consider to start for returning trip on early morning also.

If wind be N or NE I will go to East side of Argolic Gulf like I did usually when use SIB (HONWAVE T38IE2):

For RIB I have planned longer trip to see Spetses island: spetses


Do you think that be more easier when wind be N or NE ?

And even more to Hydra:

1. Is there any good website shows where I can tank petrol in these areas ?
2. Is there good local website shows thermal winds forecasts ?
3. Any advice "what to see" :)

It is really my favorite part of the World and I hope to show it for my kids and not expose them to danger ...

Jorgos 14 October 2014 15:49


Originally Posted by MatFromPoland (Post 651078)

- food cheaper than in Poland and seems to be more fresh (fantastic fresh Sea Food)

Mat I cant beleive it!!!! :eek::eek::eek:
I spend some years in Poland back in early 90s . It was so cheap!!! now is more expensive than Greece??!!:bang::bang:

MatFromPoland 14 October 2014 16:01


Originally Posted by Jorgos (Post 651227)
Mat I cant beleive it!!!! :eek::eek::eek:
I spend some years in Poland back in early 90s . It was so cheap!!! now is more expensive than Greece??!!:bang::bang:

In 2004 we have joined EU and prices have increased.
In 90s there was end of communism.

To be honest: my family loves Greek feta, oil, olives and they are more expensive (of course) in Poland (import from Greece).

Dorada / Chipura is more expensive in Poland also and smells when you cook (which never happens for me in Greece).

Please remember I do prefer country side of Greece (apartments between Mili and Kiwieri) and Paleochora (South side of Crete).

There is a big difference in prices between North Crete and South Crete.
And you will not find in Polish Sea border so good prices for accommodation like in Greece (good ratio between price and quality).

But if you want to see Poland - you will see that many things cost the same in market.


If you live in Chania (Crete) prices will be lower in Poland for you :)
I'm in Pireus every year (ferry to Crete) but I have not idea about prices here so I'm not able to compare. OK !!! Petrol is more expensive in Greece :)
1.7 EUR versus 1.35 in Poland (for 95)

batfalcon 15 October 2014 04:18

Regardless of the weather, you should definitely organize at least a day cruise to both Hydra and Spetses. Spend at least one day to each island. Both have an interesting traditional color, not often meet in Cyclades and other islands of the Aegean Sea. You won't find cars on either of them.
Be extra careful when you anchor at Hydra's port. It's a busy one. Most likely your anchor will block someone else' s or be blocked by someone else.

As far as the weather prediction, try this site meteo.gr: Ÿ šαιρŒ‚ - œε„ε‰ρολογικ*‚ €ρογνŽƒει‚ για „ην •λλάδα and particularly this link

meteo.gr: Χάρ„η‚ ιƒ„ιο€λοŠκŽν €ρογνŽƒε‰ν καιρού

It's not in English, but the symbols are international. They have divided Greece into partitions and they predict accurately the wind force and direction to each one of them in 3 hour intervals for the next 3 days.
If you follow the "wave" symbol at the bottom right of the page, then you have the same predictions regarding the wave height.

In case that you probably want a second opinion try the WindGURU: United States - Maui (north shore) It's accurate, I have used it hundreds of times, specially when I was sailing the South East Aegean near Rodos, Simi etc.

Finally as far as Pavlopetri, words are much to cheap to describe the beauty and the civilization of a city beneath the waves.
Try this link to see some images https://www.google.gr/search?q=pavlo...w=1280&bih=676

or this link to watch a BBC documentary for the site

B B C …€ο„ι„λιƒμ*νο — €Œλη κά„‰ α€Œ „α κύμα„α-*α…λο€*„ρι -•λα†Œνηƒο‚ - Video Dailymotion


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