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Mercury 14 August 2014 02:29

transom fears
Off to sunny Scotland Friday for a couple of weeks R & R. But looking at the transom on my SR4. I doubt it will survive the fortnight towing banana and ski's I think its gone a bit rotten inside, but it's not done bad for its age built in 1974. Just wondering if there is any one on here that could do a good job of replacing it. I dont want to scrap the boat just because of it's age, the tubes hold air all year long, in fact it goes for years without so much as thinking about a pump, wich is unusual for a boat this age. many thanks...

Boatnomad 14 August 2014 13:37

Great testament to the Work + Materials back then.

Bigtalljv 14 August 2014 13:45

Replacing a transom is not to hard once you get over making the first cut. Check out the repair forum at Bateau2 - Builder Forums • Index page There are many threads about replacing rotten transoms but none inflatable specific. I am sure they can tell you what you need to know though. The key is to leave the existing outside skin. Also there are also some pretty adept fiberglass guys on here if you are no feeling the DIY bug.


Bigtalljv 14 August 2014 14:47

sorry, I think I understated the scope of work. It looks like the tubes of a SR are glued on so that makes it a bit more of a job, or more like a second job to go with the new transom.


Poly 14 August 2014 16:25

Thats the sort of job Biffer is the go-to-guy for but he's not exactly handy for Sheffield. I can't think of any boat builders in the "north" who post on here. Perhaps one of the tube makers in the preston area might be able to signpost you? Alternatively Northcraft in Hull - although they don't actually have that good a reputation here for fitting their own transoms well in the first place!

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