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C-NUMB 20 July 2014 03:56

yacht launch going wrong

Hm... looks little top heavy, even though stability can not be judged by visual inspection, also dolly /trailer looks little small.

Crusher 20 July 2014 04:42

0 dear, looks like an expensive mistake

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Trimix 20 July 2014 04:51

Ouch, makes my crappy launches seem pretty good in comparison :)

Perhaps it didnt have any ballast ? Do those boats have ballast ? Once it was slightly over it just kept rolling.

Landlockedpirate 20 July 2014 04:51

Really sad, lots of theories about it, from the dolly falling off the slipway to someone leaving a porthole open, this combined with the light ballast was enough to roll it. Allthough the boat looks top heavy, they are actually well respected expedition yachts with impressive performance. even in extreme conditions. Results from the investigation are expected in the next month or so.

Its been devestating for the company, most of the workforce laid off the day after the accident :(

Trimix 20 July 2014 04:57

Oh, that not good. Were the staff laid off because the work dried up / reputation was sunk ?

When it first starts to go I thought it will be fine once the rear floats a bit - it will right itself. Perhaps the water was pouring in at that point.

Searider 20 July 2014 06:56

The stability of a ship / yacht at launch is the most complex of all conditions to calculate.

The critical point is when the stern starts to float but the bow is still supported by the slipway / trolley.

It's quite possible that the boat would have been stable if launched by travel lift or crane.

I feel for the lads who got laid off. The yard and the owner will be insured in some way.

Trimix 20 July 2014 09:01

There is a follow up vid which is interesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?annota...&v=v7UBznKKCck

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