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Searider 19 July 2014 03:48

Avon airfloor sibs?
Morning all,

Any thoughts on the Avon airfloor sibs?

Thinking about swapping the boys Avon RAB 315 roll up for an Avon 280 airfloor.
The 315 is just a bit too big and heavy for them.

Everyone raves about Bombards but there's very little chatter about the Avons.

I've had 3 Seariders and know that Avon tubes are good - just after some first hand experience of whether the floors are good and how they perform.


Landlockedpirate 19 July 2014 04:22

We have the Zodiac version as a tender in Spain. Its got a 4hp 2 stroke and planes with just my teenage son on board. Floor is solid and performs just as well as the wood floor, its obviously not as good as the Aerotec, but then nothing is :D. Its actually a bit big as a tender (26ft hybrid power yacht thing :willk: ) but 2 of us can lift it onto the foredeck, however we usually just tow it.

Same problems with glue as all the Zodiac group boats, how its been used and stored seem to be the key for longevity.

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