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tony t 14 May 2014 17:36

IOM Peel camping trip Saturday 21st June
Rather then resurrect the thread Rocky started a while back i thought it would be easier to start a new one seeing as its only just over a month away

The plan is to leave Ty Calch Caernarfon around 9.30 on the Saturday morning head over to Peel arriving around lunch time. We will have to leave the Ribs outside on the harbour breakwater till 1700hrs after which we can enter the inner harbour for the night.
Departure on Sunday morning would be available till 1000hrs so we have to be up and packed away by 0900HRS


The campsite is just over a mile away I've spoken to Terry's taxi service in Peel who can transport us and all our gear to the campsite and back to the harbour on Sunday morning, so be prepared to be up, packed and ready to leave no later than 09.00hrs on Sunday morning

Terrys Taxis - Isle of Man

The campsite is £7.00per person per night

Peel Camping Park, Peel Campsite, Isle of Man

I have arranged a meal in the Marine Hotel (its just a restaurant ) on the Saturday night for those that fancy a walk back in to Peel for a few :cheers: and a bite to eat

Marine Hotel Peel¬*|¬*Marine Hotel¬*|¬*Isle of Man

Ian (Cypman) informs me that fuel is not easily available at Peel but he has a few kerny cans so we will cope but if possible try and carry enough

So far we have

Tony T
Tim and Linda

Pikey Dave 14 May 2014 17:55

Love to join you Tony, but the missus is having her knee repaired on the 10th & will be laid up for a couple of weeks. We're having to play this year by ear at the mo:(

tony t 14 May 2014 18:01

She's made of Stronger stuff is Mrs Pikey :D
She's as to be there we can't go with out our halfway cake mate won't be the same with out yea

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tony t 15 May 2014 02:41

IOM Peel camping trip Saturday 21st June
For anyone not wanting to camp there's a few B/B available also when I enquired at the Waldick Hotel in Peel they had a 2 double and 3 twin rooms available at £35.00 per person including breakfast 01624 842337

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Cypman 15 May 2014 04:09

I will be around for the duration and will have fuel cans in the car.
There is a very good pub close to the camp site (The Highwayman) for those that don't want to go "down town".
Let me know what you want.

Maximus 15 May 2014 04:34

Pencil me in for that one Mate,sounds good:thumbs:
Camping for me is fine:)

telcowilliam 15 May 2014 06:18

I would have been up for this, complete with builder ar*se off and with my windjammer on but I have booked a week in France from 18th June. Hope you all have a good time, I'd rather be coming on this but family commitments!!

tony t 15 May 2014 06:21

IOM Peel camping trip Saturday 21st June
Don't worry Mike we have another over night camp planned closer to home invited guest only your builders arse will be well suited here will keep you posted :D

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telcowilliam 15 May 2014 06:32

Yes will definitely be up for that tony. I have just got some lobster pot and gonna go put them out today, hopefully they will last a bit longer this time and not get pinched. Is there an Ireland trip planned for this year?

Tim&Linda 15 May 2014 06:34

Tony any chance finding out if we can get fuel in any other marina . otherwise you and cupcake will be doing allot of towing or carry twenty Kerny cans

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