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Rene 22 February 2002 07:51

installing a new inboard

I Was just wondering if any of you have ever tried to install a inboard engine in a rib which was build for an outboard.

I was thinking of selling my Yamaha 115 Outboard and installing somethin like a Mercury 1.7 L inboard instead ???
Or maybe a new Diesel

Does this sound like a totally up side down idea ??

I would like the diesel, but I don't know if it will be to heavy, and what about the transom.

I know that I will need to remove some af the floor in the boat to get the engine mouting solid and close to the bottem of the boat.

Let me know what you think.....

Rene (The man with the crazy idea)

John Kennett 24 February 2002 14:26

This is perfectly feasible, but it is a major job. Alan Priddy converted "Still Nevr Enough" from outboards to a diesel sterndrive and I'm sure he'll be happy to tell more about how he did it.


Rene 25 February 2002 06:28

Thanks for the reply

There is not that many replys on this thread, maybe it's because it's not something many people do :rolleyes:

I'm gooing to the boat show here in Copenhagen this week to get some info on weight and prices on the different models.


John Kennett 25 February 2002 12:16


maybe it's because it's not something many people do
It's a bit more than most people would want to take on, and may involve more trouble and cost than it's worth . . .

There are not many engines that would be suitable for a 6m RIB -- it really comes down to a choice between the Volvo TAMD22SX or the new compact Mercruiser. From what I've heard, the Mercruiser is likely to be the preferred choice.


Alan Priddy 25 February 2002 15:18


My advice is to not bother and fit a new 4 stroke outboard. You will find that the economics are better and you can do it in an afternoon.

Alan Priddy

Rene 25 February 2002 19:46


I have been talking to some of my fellow boat friends, and they don't think that it will be worth the money.

Well it might turn out, that there is only one solution to my little problem......

Sell the Osprey and by a bigger RIB :p

Maybe I would go for the Scorpion 8.5 meters ??

batfalcon 26 February 2002 01:02

On the first thought I came to agree with Alan P, but on the second one, I think that your approach to subject is the best . Regarding that you've got an itch in you pocket (wallet), sell the Osprey and buy somtheing really big.
Let's say the "Enterprise".....

Pytheas 26 February 2002 17:49


I used to have a six meter RIB powered by a Mercruiser 275 hp petrol inboard and moved on to a Scorpion - Yanmar 315 hp diesel.If I still had the previous one I would have possibly looked for a way to get rid of the inboard and replace it with a big four stroke instead.

I could also take a look at the new little Mercruiser Diesel, although I dont particularily like Mercruisers.

Rene 27 February 2002 05:56


275 hp Inboard i a 6 meter RIB, that must have been

-- Fun and Fast ;)

I have been looking for a Scorpion like yours, is it great - Well that might be a stupid question !!!

Are you driving it around on a trailer ?

What are to width ad weigt of the boat ?? -- We have some pretty restrictive regulations on this matter i Denmark.

the 8.5 meters in lenght seems to be right for me :)

Pete7 27 February 2002 16:39

Rene, you will have problems installing an inboard engine in the Viper 5.95 as it doesn't have any longitudinal stringers to mount or build up to form engine mountings. The inside of the hul has full transverse stringers every 50cm and half height stringers every 25 cm. You can see them through the hatch in the front deck. There is a full length semi circle stringer down the centre at the very bottom of the hull which incidentially has the fuel tank sitting on. I think it the fuel tank goes at least 8 inches down through the deck if memory serves me correctly. The hull relies on the deep v shape and strong deck to make the hull rigid which it does very well.

Also the 5.95 was a special build with the console and 30 gal fuel tank moved back some 30 cm to make the steering position nearer the centre of the boat. With an inboard weighing over 300kgs you may end up with all the weight in the stern and upset the handling, which would be a shame as it does handle very well.

The best option may be to go for the Yam 115 4 stroke outboard or something similar from suzuki. the honda wold also be an option, but check the weight by using water drums at the stern with the current 2 stroke Yam before deciding. Regards Pete:p

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