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ddd333 15 April 2014 14:23

Rendova Rib Tubes
Hi all,

I recently purchased an old 6.33 meter Rendova RIB. It needs new tubes so I am trying to source out my best option. I am in Vancouver, Canada. Any locals with some suggestions on who to contact to get replacement tubes?

Thanks for any information in advance!

solos60 15 April 2014 17:23

These are the folks that did mine... very good service.
Custom & Inflatable Boats in Canada | Polaris Inflatable Boats

ddd333 16 April 2014 18:54

Hi Solos60, thanks for the information. I am going to get a quote from Polaris and about three other local places. I will let you know which one I go with once I have all the quotes together for the information of future readers. Cheers.

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