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willowkis 08 September 2004 10:38

Briton in boating charge...


codprawn 08 September 2004 10:57

Tragic but I wonder how much to blame was he? Why do they always try to blame someone these days - people forget the word "accident".

Alright maybe he shouldn't have let so many people on board but maybe it was a case of being nagged and not wanting to let people down etc - surely ANY adult has the sense to see when a boat is overloaded???

Brian 08 September 2004 11:11

The Times also reports that Mr. Sheridan "failed to produce a navigation certificate" as well.

So what's one of those then?

The boat was designed to carry 5 but had at least (my italics) 16 people on board and no lifejackets.

David Hickman 08 September 2004 12:58

I guess the Times mean the ICC Brian. CE marking for 5 and had 16?? How many more accidents will it take for boaters to realise the risks???

Manos 08 September 2004 16:54


Originally Posted by BBC
It was reported that at least six adults and seven children were on board the boat, which was designed to carry five.

What 'Mr' David George Sheridan did was irresponssible and only a brainless IDIOT with no regard for life of others would do such a thing. This insident is completely stupid and this guy should serve time for a VERY LONG TIME!! Killing people is not a joke.

There are NO excuses , no buts and not ifs:@

codprawn 08 September 2004 19:45

Manos don't you think ALL the adults on that boat were just as much to blame?

Don't know the full circumstances yet - if it was commercial he deserves to be shot but it could have been a case of - come on lets all pile in!

Also need to know why he was deemed "in charge" could have been a rented boat and it was his name at the top of the paper!

Rogue Wave 08 September 2004 19:53

I would rather hope he had to show his certificate of navigation before he got to rent a boat. If he did rent it and was on it then he was responsible. if he rented it without a certificate then I hope the owner of the charter company is in the dock with him

an Avon searider 4.7 metres is CE plated for 8 people so this boat must have been smaller than that. The only reason i would have sympathy for was that he resued them from a burning boat

Manos 09 September 2004 03:01

Cod NO!!! http://www.schlauchboot-online.com/f...portschiri.gif

NO ONE IS TO BLAME EXCEPT THE PERSON IN CHARGE i.e THE MASTER of the ship/boat (any type of ship/boat). I suppose you are aware of this rule/law (if you care to have a look, it is also mentioned in the Carriage of Goods by Sea, Act 1969 & 1971)!!

The BBC report says that he was incharge. Therefore, he is fully resposnssible for the boat he is in charge of, her crew and her passenger. So the buck stops here!!

He should have had the brains (obviously he didn't) to think that if this boat can only carry 5 or 6 people it will sink if he put double the people on it. He should have made 2/3 trips to pick his friends or clients back. I really cannot understand how he could endagenr is such way the lives of the children and of the adluts of course!!:@


My question is how could he live with him self knowing that he murdered all these people.

Jono 09 September 2004 03:26


I sincerely hope, after your vehement attack on this character, without knowing the full circumstances, that none of the people we see on you boating pictures, without life jackets, drowns. Itís very easy to say things like "but they're all strong swimmers.. the sea is calm.." and the like, but accidents do happen. Will you be quite so vehement, when you as "captain" did not insist they wore life jackets every time?
He may well be to blame, but that's not for you to judge, that's why they have investigations and inquests that, hopefully, have access to all the facts and not just , news articles, rumours and gossip.
Jono (t'other one)

Manos 09 September 2004 04:08


This thread is not about life jackets but about a man who killed a few people because he put 13 persons on a boat that was ment to carry 5-6!!!!!

For the record though if the people that hire my boats wish not wear life jackets they can. In Greece the Coast Gurad which is also a regulatory body and the police for the sea will not tell you off and although is recommended is not compulsory ;) However, I recommend that they do. Nevertheless, if they don't, this is their choice. Master is repsonssible (Carriage of Goods By Sea, Act 1969 & 1971) for his boat, crew and pax. This is the reason I do not hire the boats out if people do not hold an ICC or equiv for less than 3 years. So that they guy/girls that hires the RIB has some sea experience.

However, if you were under 35-38 deg C heat I want to see how you would cope wearing a life jacket. You make me think of the Brits that were dying from heat exhaustion when they were in India wearing these heavy uniforms (because they had to) in 40 and 50 deg C.

BACK TO THE TOPIC, The fact remains that according to BBC report a few people got killed by someone who was repsonssible for a boat, who ignored any safety related to the boat and he should be punished. Full stop.

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