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ncp 27 March 2014 17:29

Wing Rubstrake
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I was cleaning out the garage last weekend and realized that I still had this. The missus want the space and claims I'll never need it.

Anyone think it's worth saving 48ft of double rubstrake? It's dirty (but it will clean up) but for the most part it's in pretty good shape.

Keep or toss? (I don't picture shipping it anywhere, it's at least 60 lbs). For comparison, Wing sells it for $7/foot and there's 96 feet there.

clloyd 27 March 2014 18:42

Doubt you need them both. ;) Compromise.

ncp 28 March 2014 10:59


Originally Posted by clloyd (Post 609190)
Doubt you need them both. ;) Compromise.

Cut it in half?

That's all off one set of tubes. The bow section is at the center against the floor while each side is rolled inward. And we have two strips of strake on each side of our tubes - hence the (24 ft port side + 24 ft starboard side) x 2 for double width = 96 linear feet calculation).

You need it? I'll save it for you. You can pick it up next year!!!

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