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boatster 27 August 2004 02:26

US ribs vs UK ribs
Over here in the United States we have a good deal of ribs showing up on the market. However it seems they all look rather lame (white, cushioned out, etc). But on the UK side all the ribs look like hardcore search and rescue vessels fully decked out like our USCG ribs with dual 225 hps etc. How do you guys justify such an expensive boat? I prefer the search and rescue jockey console type boats that you have vs our luxury cushioned tenders. I recently purchased a 4 meter Avon sportboat with mid v hull and center jockey console ( I know, hardly hardcore but beggars can't be choosers). I love the utilitarian look. It must be different attitudes towards these boats or something. Anyone have an idea what gives? Why are you guys so into the hardcore ribs while we keep getting pussified luxury pool toys? :D

Another thing: anyone notice all the ribs at the Olympics? I can't help but point out the ribs when I'm watching the rowing or sailing events. Very fun to watch them floating about in the background. :V

qcamel 27 August 2004 02:30

I spend a few months living in LA many years ago and I remember the weather being really rather nice, kinda suits white boats and sun decks. I now live in the North East of England and can assure you sun decks are nor required but a hrader more focused boat is. Think it is purely a matter of weather...


boatster 27 August 2004 02:34

interesting perspective. So is there some kind of grey cloud hovering over only my head? I've been living in LA for all my life and was naturally drawn towards the more hardcore ribs. It must mean I'm a gloomy person? :eek:

qcamel 27 August 2004 02:38

It may mean you were destined to live in TYneside!!! Fancy swapping lives for a while????????? :D

boatster 27 August 2004 02:50

hehe.. Thanks. But no thanks. I'm happy in sunny Los Angeles, smog capital of the US. :sick: I'll just proceed with the cloud over my head ;)

Nick Hearne 27 August 2004 03:04

Hi to my mined the UK Rib market has been driven by the diving clubs & sailing clubs so ribs where made to suit divers & as safety boats not as family sport boats!
That said this has & still is changing with more boat builders making more luxury type Ribs.

eupa 27 August 2004 03:29

hasn"t that always been the case... not only with RIBS??. Brits love discomfort, and their weather!!!! keeps you kind of fighting all the time...


Brambles 27 August 2004 06:04


Originally Posted by boatster
I love the utilitarian look. :V

Have a look at the video on this site. This looks like serious hardcore fun


Please buy one & then ship it over to the Uk for us to do a full evaluation - six months should be enough time. :D :D

codprawn 27 August 2004 06:32

Yes it is a great RIB but very overpriced!

For anyone who likes hardcore RIBS the Crompton site takes some beating!


8 outboars enough?

It isn't just RIBS that are less glamourous in the UK than the States - most sportsboats from the US also tend to favour things like sunbeds and drinks holders over rough weather ability.

As has been pointed out British weather conditions have a lot to answer for - some of the highest tides in the world and the Atlantic sweeping into the west coast with 142mph winds at mumbles - just along the coast from where your Avon was built!!!

Simon B 28 August 2004 04:12

Awesome, now why would anyone want 8 motors, which outfit has recently been investigated by the plods for alleged links to drug importation? I'll just do a fuel calc and work out fast it would take to empty my lada fuel tank.

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