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Wightdiver 19 November 2013 16:51

Fitting an Elephants trunk, advice?
Anyone with any tips on how to fit a replacement trunk.

Cut the old one off and got a new 110mm trunk but cannot manage to slide it far enough onto the hard pipe. Chamfered the leading edge of the pipe, used washing up liquid, even tried grinding the pipe to reduce the circumference slightly but still unable to slide it on more than an inch.

Any suggestions?


ShinyShoe 19 November 2013 17:06

Heat the trunk and chill the pipe? If the pipe is still on the boat ice cubes in apoly bag stuffed inside. Then Boiling water from a kettle on the trunk?

Low Flyer 19 November 2013 18:31

Hair dryer or hot air gun on trunk works well.but make sure you put the correct one back in the bedroom.

Wightdiver 20 November 2013 04:56

Thanks Guys

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