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HughN 27 October 2013 13:35

Vintage bullets?
Anyone on here know anything about old (WWII?) bullets?

I found this wedged between the kerb and the road on Rustington seafront this morning. (I was crossing the road, not lying in the gutter)


Pretty old and I am not sure how it got where I found it. Any guesses on its origin?

kerny 27 October 2013 13:36

Link not working :nonono:

Ohh, it is now. :willk:

HughN 27 October 2013 13:37


Originally Posted by kerny (Post 578723)
Link not working :nonono:

Should be now. :whistling:

Rokraider 27 October 2013 14:31

.303? what is the diameter?

HughN 27 October 2013 14:40


Originally Posted by Rokraider (Post 578775)
.303? what is the diameter?

Its about 6 mm (squashed to 10 mm x 5 mm) and is brass/copper jacketed.

matt h 27 October 2013 14:47


Originally Posted by Rokraider (Post 578775)
.303? what is the diameter?

Poss 303

Erin 27 October 2013 14:48

Used to pick up loads of these from an area known as 'the targets' on Alderney. Leftovers from firing pratice in WW2 though in this case they would be German. They were lead encased in copper so sound very similar.

Aries 27 October 2013 15:26

1 Attachment(s)
Looks very .303

Bigmuz7 27 October 2013 15:43

Interesting find .. withought specialised antique knowledge the best you could say its probably a .30 cal head, which judging by the degeneration has been around for a while. Exactly how long is very unpredictable .. you know what salt does to copper, and not only will road grit have degenerated it but so will its environment next to the sea. Usually it will have been a full metal Jacket of lead with a copper coating .. that one looks to be a bit long for a military head ... usually in the 30 cals they would have been 140 to 150 grain .. that one looks nearer 180 - 190 .. I'll post a pic later to show you

Bigmuz7 27 October 2013 16:07

Indeed a wee check reveals they made them with 175 grain heads later on

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