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Daniel TD5 05 August 2004 15:23

why not mobile phone GPS
been looking at hand held GPS plotters will go for a back and white fixed GPS
plotter some time when i have some spare cash

but why Don,t they do a mobile phone with GPS just a basic type to find your way home
nokia do the 850 range which as temp compass on and is water proof
camera For taking pic of were you are lost

they can track a phone useing GPS but why can,t we use the system
through the phone

it make sence as they can,t give a phone away nowadays a gps phone would
be very good for driving or out on your rib

what do you lot think


jwalker 05 August 2004 15:27

Garmin Navtalk.

robin 05 August 2004 15:30

Agreed. (in case you needed it)

Daniel TD5 05 August 2004 15:32

not water proof but looks very good

robin 05 August 2004 15:34

a bit like my sarnies then...fnarr.

jwalker 05 August 2004 15:38

Excellent phone and it's a full blown satnav too. Garmin said it wouldn't take marine cartography. It accepted mine without problem but I didn't have a spare unlock code to fully check it out. :rolleyes:

robin 05 August 2004 15:49

I don't know why, perhaps I am more elderly than I like to let on but....
I have a GPS for navigation etc and a mobile phone for...well chatting when..wherever.
Like yer stereo turntable and your amp etc etc....keep 'em seperate, they do different things.
If in doubt just refer to the Johnny seven OMA.
I rest my case

EDDO 05 August 2004 16:08

johny seven
Wow a johny seven,,, always wanted one as a kid but had to share my mates! :sick:

robin 05 August 2004 16:19

You see the Johnny seven OMA was the archetypal jack of all trades weaponry toy.
You Didn't miss out Eddo because every sub 4 foot (sub 8 yrs) commando I knew that had one (and they were like Pegasus feathers!) had constant problems with the grenade launcher firing mechanism getting fouled up with the rocket launcher tripod stand.
This was (in my very humble opinion) the very reason why the J7 OMA was doomed to fail from the start.
Good idea..bad execution (pun un-intended)

Matt 05 August 2004 16:58

If the rest of you are as confused as me:

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