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phoenixpete 06 August 2013 02:49

What side do you sit on?
I know, bit of a strange question :hide:

I have noticed most people seem to sit on the starboard or right hand side of their sibs. It does seem as if the engines were more or less designed for that as the tiller is further away/more comfortable. when we went out I started off like this but I find it doesn't seem right to me, the throttle in the left hand is not natural ( re. motorbike days ) and twisting it for "go" is the wrong way round.

I tried sitting on the port side and allthough the tiller is a bit close to me I find it much more natural.
When sitting on the starboard side I found I really had to think about which way the throttle went and did it wrong a few times.

Does anyone else sit on the port side?

One more thing, do you allways sit on the tubes or do you sit on the floor if going fast or sibing in the rough?

Sib is Bombard 380 Aerotec by the way :thumbs:


Max... 06 August 2013 03:15

Comes up now and again;



For me starboard is correct, throttle turns the right way (like motorbike) and control is better. I think the RNLI always drive this way. Also the gear shift is on that side and it leaves the right hand free for other tasks like holding on!

I sit on tubes or if rough kneel on the floor.

Re throttle, doesn't your Merc engine if viewing tiller end on twist anticlockwise for go?? If so surely if on port this would be the wrong way compared to a motorbike.

Mollers 06 August 2013 04:17

I always sit to port to steer with my right arm.

Fenlander 06 August 2013 05:53

I always sit to starboard. I've not yet used an inflatable wide enough for sitting to port to feel right, the outboard tiller seems to be pushing your balance out of the boat or catching your knees if sitting to port and doing a starboard turn.

Sitting to starboard means your posture is naturally leaning slightly into the boat which feels balanced. Also the gear lever on all the outboars of my formative years was on the starboard side so that added to the logic of a startboard position.

If you have a starboard seating position on the tube and it suddenly gets bumpy you can smoothly move to kneel just off centre of the floor in front of the outboard while keeping the left hand on the tiller. If you are sitting to port with right hand on the tiller and do this you end up with you arm behind your back and poor control.

Edit: Just noticed OP asks about sitting on the floor.

I never do as visibility over the bow is poor, kneeling as mentioned above is my choice if it's very very rough. Of course I always assemble my sib with two seats so my normal helm position is actually astride the rear seat with backside just over where it hooks on the tube. So if it's moderately bumpy I just slide more towards the centre of the seat.

The kneeling on the floor time is only in the "will I get through this" extremes or if I've not fitted the seat for some reason.

Anyway that's just how I find it, like folding/not folding your inflatable for storage or running on 50 or 100 to 1, just do what suits you.

John Kennett 06 August 2013 05:58


Originally Posted by Mollers (Post 560429)
I always sit to port to steer with my right arm.

Same here. I've tried it the other way round and it just doesn't work for me.

Max... 06 August 2013 06:06

willk made a great post on one of those older topics linked above:



Originally Posted by willk (Post 311223)
oh for God's sake, what side do we sit on.....yada yada yada, here:

I sit on the right side ;)
Codprawn sits on the traditional side
Polwart sits on the other side
JSP sits a Little Bit on the Side
Bigmuz7 sits on the smart a-side
Bam Bam sits on the river side
Limey Linda sits on the far side
Bogib sits on de Northside (inside Irish gag :rolleyes:)
His Administratorship, John Kennett, doesn't take sides
and Mollers sits on the Dark Side.

Nos4r2 06 August 2013 06:21

And I've been known to lie full length in the middle :D

phoenixpete 06 August 2013 07:12

Thanks for all the replies guy's, I even like the funny one's :thumbs:

I think I may try the starboard side again but I dought it will suit me.
My gears are incorporated into the throttle so that is no concern, but as pointed out I will not be able to see the engine cooling water coming out.

I just checked which way the throttle works and it does ( when sat port side )
work the opposite way than I thought :facepalm: to increase you turn away from you, which is the opposite to what would be normal on a bike :facepalm:

So it seems I don't even know what I am doing, but it seems to work :flowers:

Thanks for the links to the previous discussions on the subject :thumbs:

ncp 06 August 2013 07:44

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I've always sat to port. That's where the footstraps are bolted into the floor!


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frankc 06 August 2013 09:31

Due to prop rotation, sitting on the right side is correct to balance out the lifting force from the prop. That is the normal steering position for a power boat.

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