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Trimix 05 August 2013 02:36

Charts - where from ?
Hi, I need a chart for the area Im planning on keeping my RIB (when I buy it). Can anyone recommend a chart supplier, I need a chart for the West of Corsica.

Not having bought a chart before my only experience with them is during my training course, so those were charts of Poole. Would a chart of Corsica be in a similar style ? Use similar symbols, measurements etc, or will it be different ?


ShinyShoe 05 August 2013 02:57

Admirality or Imray would be what you used on your course I expect.

Admiralty Chart 1424 Ports On The South And West Coasts Of Corse (Corsica) - Admiralty - Mediterranean - Paper charts - Charts, Books & DVDs

Not sure what the scale on that is like compared to what you'd have used in Poole. There is a 1:12500, the link above is 1:60000

There is an Imray chart for Corsica but looks like its 1:255,000 which might lack the detail you want...

Possible there is a local Corsican chart which may or may not be more accurate or larger?Smaller? scale.

Imray basic symbols are mostly the same, but beware the colours of land are different! On admiralty charts land is yellow, 'beach' is green. Thats reversed on Imray (which actually makes sense as sand is yellow and land is sometimes green!) . Colours for water depth are also reversed on Imray.

Admiralty follows an international standard... but preumably there are Imray equivalents elsewhere too...?

Trimix 05 August 2013 03:10

OK, cheers for that I will have a look. To begin with I reckon I need the smaller scale 1:12500, as I will just be doing short trips to get the hang of it.

ShinyShoe 05 August 2013 03:26

Sorry re-reading what I posted. The 1:12500 is what is available for Poole. That may or may not be what you used there are less detailed ones. 1:60,000 is "best" I can see for Corse

Trimix 05 August 2013 03:34

Mmmm, 1:60,000 is pretty big given Im going to be exploring all the coves and beaches in a Rib 7m big :)

Anyone know of any charts better than that ?

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