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tony g 21 July 2013 16:20

vacume gauge
Hi all some time ago i fitted a vacume gauge to my boat fitted with a 1.7dti turbo diesel .The pipe came off the other day so i refitted it and now seem to be getting some big readings. There was something on here a while ago but cant find it. Does anyone know what it should read ' i thought it was 18 psi but ot sure at what rev range im getting that at about 3000 revs but when i open it up to 4400 i get nearly 30psi .Any help would be great. Its ten years old now so dont want to blow the turbo or engine up still seems fine.

rdk12 24 July 2013 07:38

vacume / boost gauge
The gauge has done its job and saved you the turbo, the turbo waste gate is stuck/seized closed, the gauge is showing you over boost at 30psi, don't push it, get the waste gate refurbished and whilst you at it a turbo overhauled.
Turbo- Watching is critical to engine life. Avoid situations when your exhaust temp exceeds 1000 degrees. Boost should top out at around 19 psi max as the waste gate opens to prevent higher pressures. Cruising at 33-3400 RPM, you will see about 14-15 psi boost and 750 exhaust temperature.

yam man 24 July 2013 16:32

1+ turbo watergate

tony g 28 July 2013 16:33

thanks chaps.

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