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Ribald 28 July 2004 16:57

Kayak Paddles - IOW
I know - nothing to do with RIBs but do any of the "caulkhead" members happen to know where I can buy a kayak paddle on the Island. We need one for the hols which start this Friday. Could travel to Pompy or S'ton if necessary.

(Don't worry, Mike - we'll find one somewhere :p )

slimtim 28 July 2004 18:16

hhhmm. don't know really but I would say try Offshore sports in either Cowes or Shanklin. Don't know of any kayak shops in particular.

Go to www.yell.com and i'm sure you'll find the numbers of offshore sports. I expect you'll be able to order one and pick iut up when you're there.


Ribald 29 July 2004 06:18

Cheers slimtim, they have them in stock at both shops. Daughter is now a happy bunny. :p

slimtim 29 July 2004 13:12

you're welcome. glad to be of assistance!

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