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Silvertriton 08 July 2013 09:23

lightning protection for RIBs?
Hi does anyone use lightning protection on an open RIB? I guess that a solid plastic coated copper cable could be fed from a high point on the A frame to the water to offer grounding to the surrounding water to deflect the damage but not sure if it woul be effective? what do you think?

jyasaki 08 July 2013 09:28

I just stay off the boat in thunderstorm conditions. We probably get a lot fewer than you do though.

I suspect that it would take some pretty thick cable to deflect damage from a lightning strike, but that's just a guess. High point on the boat will likely be the VHF antenna anyway, wouldn't it?


Silvertriton 08 July 2013 09:54

I guess not all areas suffer from rapid and intense lightning sorms but I have heard that most cases of letal strikes at sea take place on small boats...this is what this site says...in the case of an open boat, a good lightning protection system may indeed save a life. The principles are the same as for any boat – air terminals to provide a strike point, external conductors to form a protective cage around the boat, and multiple grounding terminals to disperse the current away from the boat. Overhead conducting fittings such as T-tops and biminis can be life savers when they are integrated into a complete system. Otherwise they are potential sideflash hazards. Science & Technology

jezza2011 08 July 2013 10:34

My A framt bolts through the hull and is the highest point so in theory its grounded to the sea via the thru hull bolts.

dont put copper on your stainless. ;-) check where the bolts go and add a stainless trip if its needs it from a bolt on the afram/transom to further down the transom where it enters the salty.

and yes you may need some hefty wire to disipate a lightening strike.
but a stainless A frame of 2 inch tubing may be able to take a good old hit.

sailit 08 July 2013 11:29

all you have to do id stay close to a big sailboat

jyasaki 09 July 2013 16:16


Originally Posted by sailit (Post 553293)
all you have to do id stay close to a big sailboat

Says the guy with the username "Sailit"... :lol:


whisper 09 July 2013 16:28

I would have thought that it you have an a frame you could just tap onto that and have something removable so you can connect it when things kick off :thumbs:

mister p 09 July 2013 16:33

And hook it up to your battery charger!!!!!!!!:lol:
With a fuse, of course.

whisper 09 July 2013 16:34

I think you need one of these....


mister p 09 July 2013 16:36

What is that?

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