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HUMBER P4VWL 17 June 2013 05:19

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Originally Posted by ribraff (Post 546978)
It'll be happening on the lowest section of the tube cone join, the part that's in the water. I don't think this part will be covered in strake.
The seam might look intact but with a constant stream if water pushing against it it will sometimes let water in which is then unable to get out.

We had the lower half of the tubes from amid-ships covered in strake to protect against barnacles etc on the mooring. This goes right round the bottom of the cones etc too.

how exactly would you let the water out? (If it is in there)


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ribraff 17 June 2013 06:07

Ah... ok, not sure how it's getting in there without looking at it, the best way for removing the water is to attach a Wet and dry vacuum on the valve when the boat is on the trailer and lower or lift the jockey wheel so the water will flow towards the valve.

ribraff 17 June 2013 06:25

Forgot to add that you'll need to deflate the chamber and the one next to it. It might take a while to get all the water out.

HUMBER P4VWL 17 June 2013 06:31

Cheers, though we need to establish that there is any in there first of course! Annoying the boat is 60 miles away.

simon23 18 June 2013 04:01

If you put your boat on a trailer you may hear water inside by lifting and lowering the boat.to vac the water out i think you Will need the correct valve connector to open the valve or you Will be sucking against the valves.may be easier to open the offending seam and let it run out.you'll need to open it to clean and prep to repair.i think it Will be pretty easy to tell if their is water in them ,due to your loss of speed IF THEIR IS WATER IN their Will be a fair amount.

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ribraff 18 June 2013 04:21

The valve can be pushed in and twisted which will hold it open. Easy.. Job done.... no need to open up seams! :eek:

Nos4r2 18 June 2013 04:49

B&Q were selling a small battery operated aquavac quite cheap a few weeks ago. Might be worth a look.

HUMBER P4VWL 18 June 2013 07:59

Cheers guys. Hardest bit is getting her out!!

HUMBER P4VWL 21 July 2013 03:10

Old man's had her out. Barnacle hell!!! For some strange reason it was covered, despite anti foul. She's cleaned off and he thinks she's back up to speed.

Interestingly, a couple of other boat owners have had the same problem. 2 yachts have been taken out mid season when they've never had to in previous years. Must be all the clean water and hot weather.

simon23 21 July 2013 13:28

Good news .cheap and easy fix.never occurred to me to think of that as my boats always live on a trailer !

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