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jamie 20 July 2004 04:10

p22 tubes
does any one have any pacific 22 tubes for sale. ore any companys that make tubes for these boats any help would be grate :]

Rogue Wave 20 July 2004 04:20

I'd e mail fill smiff on this Forum he may well have or would know wher to get them from

Cookee 20 July 2004 04:39

Paul Tilley definitely had some - his website: http://www.tidel.biz/

roohairy 20 July 2004 09:22

Eurocraft in Lancashire quoted me about 3k for an average spec set of new tubes for a P22. Very helpful too.

pacman 20 July 2004 15:40

Paul Tilley has no P22 tubes. It turns out they are for an Atlantic 22 as I found out to my cost last week.

Henshaws quoted 4500 for 1500 g/SqM full mod spec or 3000 for fairy 1200 g/SqM (standard on P22 Mk2's) tubes with no bells or whistles. I'm going to order tubes with them since they seem to know what they are talking about, unless someone else has any better suggestions?

Neville 21 July 2004 09:32

Ed Banyard in Cornawall has been making them for some time now. He charges approx 2500 . I will look up his contact details if you are intersted.

He knows what he is doing and quite a few of our commercial customers have used him in the past.

Was there much difference in the shape of the tubes from Paul tilley?

Andy Cox 21 July 2004 12:07

I'd be glad of his contact details as well, being in Cornwall myself.

One thing I am after is a fairlead for the bow, preferably the type that opens up, allowing you to place the line in and then you close it back up so the line can't ride up out of it.
Anybody got any ideas where I can get somthing like this?



paul tilley 21 July 2004 14:05

i had one set of p22 tubes and have also got one set of artic22 tubes which can be changed to p22 by changing the attatchment strips as both types of tube are the same shape i should know i made henshaws templates whilst their technical manager .if any one is interested phone me on 07815144269

paul tilley 21 July 2004 14:09

p22 bow fairlead should be available from halmatic now part of VTgroup as they have them specially made , i think the rnli also used them , all very expensive

Neville 21 July 2004 14:58

Ed Banyard is at Tamar Marine and can be contacted on 01208 873777.

We have had a set a while ago, and i know of several other commercial people that have used his tubes. Im sure Paul Tilley can quote you aswell!

As far as the fairlead goes, Paul is correct, Halmatic (VT) will sell you them for a small fortune! Best chance is to find someone with a scrap set of tubes and remove the fitting. Possibly worth trying Poly Marine, they sell material & parts for tubes eg handles, fender strip etc , they may have a similar fairlead, not the same alloy one though. You will find them on the web quite easily.

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