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Jari Hjerppe 26 January 2002 17:46

Summer SIB pics
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Keith, months ago you asked photo of my boat. Well here are some. Santa was sympathetic to me and brought me the scanner...

Sirja 7 and Saana 1,5 on board

Jari Hjerppe 26 January 2002 17:51

more Zod photos
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here is Saana 1,5 yrs

Jari Hjerppe 26 January 2002 17:54

on the way...
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on lake Saimaa

Keith Hart 27 January 2002 14:34

Hi Jari,

Thanks. You have a lovely family AND a great boat, lucky fella.

I can remember when my two girls were that age, a long time ago. Now they can crew for me and help me carry the boat.

The engine, is that the Merc15?


Keith Hart

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