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ErikaZ 29 April 2013 04:06

Big Searider 5.4 Project
Hello Everybody,

It is nice to see so many enthusiastic people here.

A new Searider 5.4m project is upcoming!

Fully stripped and naked hull is now on the wheelies and ready for proceeding, only few thoughts and consultation is needed from professionals. 

This time I want to fully remake Searider to a powerful diving and fishing rib mainly for use in Baltic Sea.

My configuration, would be:

1. New deck (removed buoyancy chambers).
2. New higher transom (no flooding hull).
3. Outboard set back bracket (???cm).
4. Inbuilt under deck fuel tank in bow.
5. Steering console in the middle, two inline seat in front and two at back.
6. 115hp four stroke.

The main idea of setting back the engine is to gain more deck space, then a double or single seat can be fitted on the rear, by the original transom place,~50cm more useful deck space in length.

Set back bracket made of fiberglass would make additional floating buoyancy and compensate +20-30kg of the 115hp four stroke weight, also the closed flooding hull will add a lot.

Inbuilt under deck fuel tank of 50-80 litres for a maximum 100-150km day trip.

High steering console with windscreen, for fully stand steering.

All cables ant ect. will go under deck trough the under deck transom place into the setback bracket to the engine, no cables on deck.

I also have some thought about T-top but is it a good idea?

As I have all the possibilities tools to build it myself, it’s my hobby.

Please share your opinion.

Best Regards

ErikaZ 29 April 2013 05:02

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First day i got it.. not a nice looking :)

Nos4r2 29 April 2013 05:18

That's a lot of work-good luck!

Don't stick the fuel in the bow. 5.4's feel bloody awful if you put loads of weight up there.

ErikaZ 29 April 2013 06:48

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Originally Posted by Nos4r2 (Post 532655)
That's a lot of work-good luck!

Don't stick the fuel in the bow. 5.4's feel bloody awful if you put loads of weight up there.


Yes, theres plenty of dusty work but it is worth it.

If there is additional weight on the stern there should balance in the bow.

Please see the picture below, where i understand fitting it in.

Nos4r2 29 April 2013 07:19

Sorry to sound negative but if you put the fuel up there and put enough weight in the stern to counterbalance it the boat is going to feel awful from the extra weight. I put a 40kg Avon dinghy in the bow of mine with full tanks and the whole boat felt sluggish.
It's going to be really heavy with a 115 4stroke on the back as well, even without the flooding hull and a pod on the transom
The seats in front of the steering will be impossible to use except in flat calm and the weight of 2 passengers ahead will make the boat nosedive.

I think you're trying to put way too much gear in it.

I'm not saying your ideas are bad, but I am saying I think you've got the wrong hull to put them in.

ErikaZ 29 April 2013 07:58

There a lot of true in your words. Thank you.

Lets say 90hp 4T outboard, it means -35kg form stern. then i could move the tank more in the middle. Everything will be calculated, not just straight from head :)

Yes, to sit in front its a pain if weather is not pleasant, but usually we have calm water, not awlays as glassy, but 4.5m RIB does it without problems. Its more lagunas and rivers, sea ony in calm weather.

Also throwed away the idea of T-top... hull is too small...

but setback bracket is a must, never seen any seariders with it, dont believe that nobody tried it.

Nos4r2 29 April 2013 08:13

I'd be interested to see what effect it has.

Bear in mind the back of the tubes are in the water even with the flooding hull blocked, so if you take the motor behind the tubes, you'll be losing buoyancy where the motor is.

ErikaZ 29 April 2013 08:48

we will see... i hope it will prove my needs :)

About the water line touching the tubes, i've seen Seariders which tubes where out of water when empty and heard that with blocked hull its not stable as it goes from side to side?

Rogue Wave 29 April 2013 19:51

Good luck it will bring you great rewards
When a Searider is on the Plane the flooding chamber is empty so when underway the side to side movement is the same whether or not the chamber is closed or not. Do not block off this chamber particularly if you want to use the boat for fishing. Look at Bushriders boat he has a very good solution which lets him make a choice to block off or not depending on whay he wants to use the boat for on the day. I know this because I fitted it, he bought it in Germany somehere

You mentioned removing Bouyancy chambers............Why take bouyancy away from a boat it kinda comes in handy and Avon have put it in the right place

Higher transom and Set back bracket could work I've neem thinking about doing that on our next project but Id ne looking at putting a jack plate on and also sheething the transom in Thikk Aliminium plate


I don't like the Searider cosoles but they are kinda posItioned in the right place Also Passengers front of the driver obscure your view of the Sea and that's not good when running at high speed. The last project we did has a good layout and I'm rather fond of Zubols

Engine is too powerful it will do crazy things to your Handling ( been there done it didn't do it again!)

If I had to go four stroke I'd be looking at a Suzi 90 or a new Yamaha which will be released soon as these ar relatively light! Do not put a heavy 2 stroke on the searider. Merc/mariner 2 stroke or Opti or Etec as the are heavier that the Suzuki 90

The Searider is a superb hull and extremely good where it counts - in the sea!. I wouldn't redesign it if I were you. You can in build your tanks into the seats. Can you Fabricate in Aliminium?

ErikaZ 30 April 2013 03:13

Hi Rogue Wave,

When flooding hull is blocked is it very unstable?

Usually it will be 3 man on board, sometimes even 4.. Not mentioning holidays with few girls... the 90 hp, 4T will weight about 160kg with setback bracket it should sit low in the water and with flooding hull it will take time to get in plane, not mentioning all the gear...

New console will be for steering only in standing position, so the front seats and viewing will not be problem.

Bouyancy chambers will be taken out because the deck is not in the best shape, its drilled, cracked and wet form inside... so a new floor will be fitted, with strenghting the hull with additional partitions (ribs).

Also the transom will be new, with added masive support.

I want to make boat more rigid and robust as i can, the new tubes also will be heavy duty.

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