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Solent Ranger 09 July 2004 05:14

Gemini ribs
Hi - I'd be interested to hear any comments - positive and negative - on Gemini ribs. Thanx in advance.

Phil Chitty 09 July 2004 05:42

Only good comments from me.

I've had my 550 Waverider for about 5 months now and its been a fine, very capable bit of kit.

Handles great, good in the rough stuff, nice and quick up onto the plane and gives a comfortable, dry ride.

I used to use a 730 wiverider for work. Again, a great Rib but a little heavy. Well trusted Rib in rough seas though.

Hope this is some help.


The Jackeens 09 July 2004 08:02

which one u interested in then

Rogue Wave 09 July 2004 11:27

I reckon em a lot I definitely think they are the best ribs imported fron SA and they seem to handle well on the water

Howard Stringer 09 July 2004 18:48

Have a 14 year old 4.5m Gemini with a slightly younger 60 Yam. I'm told that that's as long as you can expect the glue to last. It has had a hard life in SA as a rescue boat and more recently in Poole UK as our fun machine. I paid 2,000 (equiv) for it in SA and it doesn't owe me a penny. It's heavily built and fairly wet but looks like it'll go on forever.

Manos 10 July 2004 01:19

Very good RIBs.

The 5 mtr gives a little bit of wet rides but this poss is due to boat size and wave hight ;)


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