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Avocet 09 December 2012 15:50

5th Annual Nacho Run: 6 Jan 2013
With the Annual Nacho Run to Yarmouth (IoW) being traditionally held on the first Sunday in January it looks like: 6 January 2013 this time.

It's a chance to blow away the Christmas/New Year cobwebs and get a spicy start to the next twelve months!

As in previous years: 12.30pm at The Wheatsheaf in Yarmouth unless people want otherwise.

It would probably help to notify numbers to the pub in advance but Scurvy Crew, Mrs A and I will certainly be there.


PS Can we get as many as were at The Folly today? .......

whisper 09 December 2012 15:54

Me and Mrs W will be there as always :thumbs: Beef Nachos x 2 :lick:

longjohn 10 December 2012 09:03

Not to be missed!

PeterM 10 December 2012 09:12

But of course - me and maybe + 1 (Crew Simon ) or maybe +2 ...defo not Simon - (blonde and good looking but need to wait and see ! ) .

and yes dont worry Trevor I'll be in Streaker or the SR ( a squeeze for 3 in an SR4 - but it could work out well :cool:)

Ian M 10 December 2012 09:23

Wish I could David, but it seems I will definately (!) be out of the country on the 6th. Have a good one :thumbs:

PeterM 10 December 2012 09:30


Originally Posted by Ian M (Post 504507)
Wish I could David, but it seems I will definately (!) be out of the country on the 6th. Have a good one :thumbs:

OK Ian - see you at the slip in Lymington :whistling: ?

AJ. 10 December 2012 10:43

Would love to but I will be on my hols :cool:

Trevor G 10 December 2012 11:00

We'll definitely be there!

Note the new option at the Wheatsheaf though - you can now get the Nachos as a starter or a main course.
When they asked a week or so ago the question caught me by surprise (after all, I've just ordered "nachos" for the last 6 years) - so I went for the main course option - and it was so large I struggled to finish them!

Low Flyer 10 December 2012 12:13

Would love to join you. And thank you again for organising yesterday. There will be me plus 3.

Steve_B 10 December 2012 16:09

The Parker will be there David.

Happy to help with the navigation back to Poole ..... :whistling:


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