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LURCHER 04 June 2004 13:41

Ribex 2004
How disapointing the Ribex site was . i am glad we only came from Chichester.I hope people who come from far away will not be as disappointed as I was .Very little in the way of interesting trade stands with the exception of Steel Dev it was all very quite and half hearted. No doubt others will not share my views but I feel I need to log my feelings.
Great ride there and back in superb Humber 7m with 175 Merc really flies and is doing its bit for OPEC !

John Kennett 04 June 2004 14:24

Was the Steel Developments stand really the most interesting thing? I know they're nice people and everything, but surely there must have been something more exciting!

What about the gas turbine RIB, the on water displays and the RIB rides?

Could it just have been a bit quiet because it's a week day?


stingray 04 June 2004 15:17

Yes, very disappointed,,passionate ribster wanting to spend,not any better than Weymouth sorry

Neal 04 June 2004 15:32

Having just got back from my first RIBEX I can see Lurchers point. IMHO, yes if you are looking a new RIB there are lots to see and try on the water and even just window shopping its good to see them. The exhibitors on the water including the display events were very good . the blast out on the water in the 10M Voyages of discovery RIB was good fun but i also felt the waterfront village could have been stronger. I am glad i went and would go again but it would have been nice to see more stands and even find a RIBnet hat & flag ;) .

John Kennett 04 June 2004 15:34

From all the publicity it sounded like this RIBEX was going to be better than ever. What did you want to see or buy that wasn't there?


Manos 04 June 2004 15:46

Photos any body?

stingray 04 June 2004 16:16

More RIB related chandlers,

Phil Davies 04 June 2004 16:18

This was my first visit to a Ribex exhibition and admittedly I had expected something a little busier, particularly in view of the extensive marketing of the show. Yes, the lack of trade stands was disappointing, although having visited the London and Southampton boat shows this year I didn't necessarily feel the need to peruse racks of clothing and accessories. On the other hand some visitors may well have wanted to and certainly a bit more in the way of electronics would have been interesting.

The real purpose of my visit, however, and I suspect that of the majority of show goers, was to sea trial an array of RIBs and engines to gain a better insight into what differences exist between specific engine/boat combinations. In this respect the show was superb and there was no shortage of available RIBs to hitch a ride on.

Particularly memorable from my point of view was the blast in the 7m Humber Ocean Pro with Suzuki 200hp where the helmsman ably demonstrated the massive mid-range performance of the V6 and quite astonishing sea-keeping characteristics of the hull. The 715 Revenger coupled with Honda 150 made an interesting comparison, and although we reached 50mph fairly rapidly, felt relatively pedestrian after the Humber!!! The show also afforded the opportunity to trial the new Evinrude ETecs for the first time in public, and the twin 90s on the Redbay were impressively quiet.

It's always much easier to criticise these events than it is to organise them of course, and I think on balance Hugo Montgomery-Swan should be congratulated on putting together what is undoubtedly a difficult and complex event to arrange. The pricing was more than reasonable and the Red Funnel High Speed Ferry link proved very effective. I certainly had a great and highly educative day and was able to trial more RIBs in one day than I could possibly hope to do in an average season. Well worth the effort to get there!

Outnabout 04 June 2004 16:32

Ribex 2004
Lurcher beat me to it. My views are similar. All a bit of an anti-climax.

The static area seemed empty compared to the Sport Boat and Rib show a couple of weeks ago. Now that may have been as you suggest because it was Day 1 and a weekday. However "a subscription to Fishing Rod Monthly" and a charcol sketch of my mugshot are not what I went for. (2 of the exhibitors on the inland side!)

Water front was well organised but lots of empty tickets on the dockside, not all of which were for boats out on trial.

What did I go for? Well mainly to see what was new in the world of ribs, have a chat with someone about fuel systems and undergo some retail therapy with a gizmo or two. Didn't seem to be much of any of that unless you were planning a rib purchase.

I've only been to one previous Ribex and I wouldn't now feel the need to go again.

I'm sure others will get more out of it than I did and I have no wish to decry all the hard work that goes into organising these events.

May the sun shine for those of you visiting over the weekend!

MarkWildey 05 June 2004 11:49

Just come back from RibEx and must say I got what I expected. It is unfair, and I know no one has done it, to Southampton or the London boat show. To my mind the range of boats on the water is what I wanted to see and there were more different types than I expected.

All the dealers were happy to let my 3 year old to play on there boats. His favorite of the day was Alan Priddy's boat.

I only wish I had my boat there !!



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