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ribfreak 29 May 2004 17:12

My "new" ride....
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Hi guys,

not long ago I was bothering the experts here about an unknown RIB which I wanted to buy- unfortunatly the deal was canceled, so I had to look for something else.... On the picture you can see what I got me now for the upcoming boating-season: It`s an "AVON Supersport S 4.65 R.I.B." which definetly is a rare boat over here in Germany!! Glad I found it..... The hullshape is what you would call "moderate-V" but for over here it`s still a good-angled V for rough water usage.. The boat has a 75hp Honda fourstroke at it`s transom and has a jockey-console with a complete set of gauges and a Lowrance 240 GPS/ fishfinder/ chartplotter!
Took her out today right after pickup- wow, what a nice ride- at least when you`re used to Wiking`s, DSB`s, Gugel`s and what else is produced here in Germany! Im really impressed about the strength of the hull, no banging through choppy waters and feeling like you`re sitting inside a drum! The boat reaches a topspeed of about 39 knots and I really thinks this is enough- starts to wiggle it`s tail a little atop of 35kn..... nonetheless I`m very happy so far. The boat has not been that well maintained, but we`ll change this soon, you bet!
Is there somebody else in here who rides such a boat? Would be great to swap some pix and experiences, wouldn`t it?

greetings from the lonelinest RIB`er in northern Germany,
Wolfie :V

Nick Hearne 30 May 2004 04:22

:hi: Wolfie nice boat looks lots of fun, happy Ribbing.

bogib 30 May 2004 07:07

Congratulation Ribfreak (wolfie) and have great future ribbing

:hi: :hi:

Manos 30 May 2004 10:57

Nice looking boat. Congrats!! :hi:

Phil Davies 30 May 2004 18:11

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Originally Posted by ribfreak
Is there somebody else in here who rides such a boat? Would be great to swap some pix and experiences, wouldn`t it?

Bilge Rat on the forum has exactly the same boat with an Evinrude 50 2-stroke, and here it is.....

Bilge Rat 31 May 2004 16:25

avons and the meaning of life !!

Phils absolutely correct, if you need any advise please ask, i've pretty much see it all and have the scars to prove it.....and i'm still seeing it :p :p

ribfreak 01 June 2004 07:03

Hello Bilge Rat (what a name...),

nice to hear that somebody`s pushing the same rig than I do now! When were these boats made by Avon? Do you have any spec-sheet or maybe even an old catalogue of them? I`m always interested in the history of my current boat, that`s why I`m asking.... Your boat is looking very nice and well maintained- did you buy it new? The one I`ve recently bought is a little worn down and bleached, the last owner wanted to make some improvements, took the silicone-gun and plastered and "sealed" almost everything on the boat and every patch on the tubes as well.... he easily toped this by trying to "paint" the steering-console- must have poured the paint over it and squeezed it out a little bit- looks like if a galopping bull had pissed it over- what an idiot! It`ll probably take me some winter- hours to correct all this, not even to mention the white anti-fouling that this whacko painted the hull with..... anyway, it was dirt-cheap, so what the ....... Im happy everytime I can bring`er out, such a nice and smooth ride! What is the top speed yours is doing? I`m just asking because your motor must only have half the weight of that monster which I have on the stern..... looks like sh.... but I have to admit that these engines are running well- wont change anything on this but I bet that yours is handling better....


batfalcon 01 June 2004 07:06

Every boat I see lately seams to be larger than 7,00 m, which makes me feel rather on the small side.
Luckily there some ribers that prefer smaller ribs, thus I may see myself on the "big" side.

Accept my wishes for safe sails and smooth seas. :hi:

ribfreak 01 June 2004 15:12

This is a nice post, batfalcon,
I always think Im the only member of the working class amongst a bunch of millionairs when entering this site.... All the guys here are writing and talking of boats that I`ll never be able to afford, don`t know how they make it?! Anyway, this is a very good site for getting good and fast advice, so that`s why I`m really enjoying surfing through it! But I`d also like to have a section in here where I could find some more bread-n-butter Ribsters....


Phil Davies 01 June 2004 16:17


Originally Posted by ribfreak
I always think Im the only member of the working class amongst a bunch of millionairs when entering this site

Nonsense, Wolfie, don't let such thoughts put you off. Surely you can't fail to have noticed that the North West Ribsters even embrace members from the peasant classes of Liverpool and Wolverhampton. Note also that, although a multi-millionaire myself, I currently choose to run a modest 4.0m Avon Searider with a mere 30hp engine.

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