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Daniel 13 May 2004 13:28

Petrol gauge gasket
Anyone know what material (rubber) this needs to be made of and where to obtain one?

During the Scilies trip i developed a substantial fuel leak which was traced to where the fuel gauge enters the tank. I've removed the gauge this evening and the gasket is shot.

The 'flange' is about 2" in diamater and has 5 stud's sticking out from the tank. The gasket, therefore is 2" diamater with a 1.25" hole in the middle and 5 holes in it...

My thoughts are to phone Osprey in the morning, but other suggestions welcome...

gavin 13 May 2004 15:11

We run a 55 ltr cann marine tank in our console, the filler cap has a gasket made of cork, do you ever see those place mats made of cork, I am wondering could you make one, until you get a new rubber one

Daniel 13 May 2004 17:46

Thanks, Best idea so far... if i can't get anything i try it.

Naked Dave 13 May 2004 18:15


If you just need a temporary measure, try hypalon blue gasket sealer. It comes in a tube and is "blue" in colour. Halfords or similar should have it in.

If you do use a cork gasket ( and I think it is a top idea) make sure you smear it well (both sides) with vaseline to stop it shrinking, otherwise you will be back to square one!

Good luck! :hi:

Rogue Wave 13 May 2004 20:31

There is a good rubber supplier (why did I just say that!) near us It's called portsdown Rubber and they know stuff about rubber.

dya want me to get you a but of fuel resistant wubber


nik 14 May 2004 06:29


try hypalon blue gasket sealer
I believe it is called hylomar. Also what about silicone rubber? Never tried it with petrol, but it seems resiliant.

Graham H 14 May 2004 08:04

I wouldent use anything out of a tube near the fuel tank , if any drops in the tank while puting the screws back in it may get draged up the fuel line causing even moor problems

Bilge Rat 14 May 2004 08:17

Hi Daniel

I cut an inspection hatch in the top of my fuel tank many moons ago so i could periodically check the inside, and if need be do any work on the inside of the fuel tank, i had a circular stainless plate cut to size and lots of holes drilled around the outside and inserts welding on the inside to take the bolts.....we used a thin sheet of cork to make a gasket and cut this to fit the entire circumference of the hatch, its still there and is still functioning correctly to this day.

TIM 14 May 2004 10:03

Listen to Graham Hope !!!
Gavin and I were up in Bangor (NI) last year for The ribraid :D , we were belting along at full pelt when the engines died, when we swaped fuel tanks, all was solved.... :)

switched tanks again .... engines died, :sick: but , only at WOT.

on opening the inspection hatch on the tank, and looking around the fuel system, we found a large amount of clear silicone in the fuel pick up, that had blocked the whole thing up, but only when 40L/h was demanded at WOT and not at 20l/h at normal crusing speed.....

Silicone was pulled, poked and sucked out, which was not easy , and all was sorted........

......and where did this silicone cone from ????? it was a seal , in addition to the rubber O ring seal that sealled the inspection hatch... originaly installed by the tank makers..... ;) , all traces of silicone were removed, and no problems since.

Mark Halliday 14 May 2004 12:48


Originally Posted by Naked Dave

If you just need a temporary measure, try hypalon blue gasket sealer. It comes in a tube and is "blue" in colour. Halfords or similar should have it in.

Good luck! :hi:

I think you mean "Hylomar". I think hypalon is used for something else. I know I have seen some somewhere. :p

You put it on very thinly to both sides of a gasket and let it go tacky before fitting. No chance of it dropping into the tank. If the mating faces are anyway near true it will seal the gasket. It is not a gasket substitute like Hermatite RTV.

Actualy hypalon may be correct, why not cut a bit from your repair kit and use that. It is petrol proof. It may need several layers to take up any distortion, but it should work.

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