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oracle 05 June 2012 11:30

Morse controls
Has anyone ever replaced the trim switches on Morse controls. I have the SL3 twin console mounts.

Diving off the Whelps out of Mylor on Saturday blow me if the Starboard motor didn't take it upon itself to come up out of the water. Couldn't get it down whatever I tried. The pump was driving away solid and would only stop when switched off. Turn the battery back on and away it went again. That even stopped me dropping the engine from the engine switch as the pump would nly run one way.

Oh joy, Saturday pm was a tad bumpy to say the least so limping back on one engine was not at all comfortable and took FOREVER. Didn't help sea sick buddy clinging on to the side either :nonono:

Much cursing poking and stripping revealed the problem to be the tilt microswitch shorting. Very easy to get to (3 screws) but definitely past its best (the port one doesn't feel a whole lot better). If I can find replacement switches they will both come out pronto.

Any suggestions for where these might be sourced from in the UK gratefully received, otherwise its down to the Electrical boys to try and find whose switches they have used.

Cheers :thumbs:

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