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nickjaxe 08 May 2004 10:23

Self sealing gunk in the tubes
I seem to remember reading about a self sealing gunk for small leaks on inflatable tubes, is there such a thing is it any good if there is one, I know you will prob say fix the tube but it is behind the rubbing strake and it looks a bugger to get of as I say its only a small leak.


Red Fox 08 May 2004 12:28

The kids have some gunge in their bike tyres but not sure if you would get the quantity heeded in a can for a boat tube. Maybe a smaller amount would be OK but you would have to tip the boat up to get the gunge to go to the leak. Might work but wouldn't want to put my life on the line with it. Isn't it meant to be a get-you-home solution rather than a fix-it-forever one?

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