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SPR 27 February 2012 17:12

Sighthill - Edinburgh
Hi All,

hope nobody take offence to this post! I been offered a one day course in sighthill Edinburgh at Napier Uni campus there.

I don't know Edinburgh but the reputation of the area is well .... say not good ...

Even college website says park on street at your own risk!

Thoughts please, and suggestions where to park for the day ?


clydeoutboards 28 February 2012 04:08


sighthill is not that bad. There is an austin martin showroom right in the middle of it along with lots of other car dealers. the only downside for you is that everyone parks on the street so spaces can be hard to find!

ps worked there for 5 years and had no problems! well not ones caused by sighthill!!!

macattack101 28 February 2012 05:58

I agree its fine to park there, I've not had any issues. If you want to get a train then edinburgh park is 5 mins walk. Enjoy the course

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