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Tim M 24 April 2004 12:16

The best way to clean your RIB!
Having tried a load of products to clean my RIB, I have finally found one that does the job! I bought this stuff actually to clean an old outboard that had been sitting in the water for a while. It's a spray; simply spray on, wait three minutes, then wipe off with a cloth (or hose off). It worked wonders on the engine.
Anyway, was doing the same again today with the engine on my RIB (just been out and it was covered in nasty looking stuff). I got a bit of it on the RIB, wiped it off, and saw the potential! I ended up spraying it all over the tubes and giving them a good clean - gets off grease, oil, rubber stains from the pontoon, just about everything.
I really do recommend it as a non-abrasive RIB cleaner. I paid 2 for a 146g bottle (although it was on special offer because the shop had a load of cans with broken nozzles). It's made by 3M and is called "Citrus base cleaner". Another great point about it is that it's made from lemons and oranges, so makes your RIB smell nice too!
PS. Don't get it on grass - kills it almost instantly!

Richard B 25 April 2004 11:12

What material are your tubes made from?

Tim M 25 April 2004 13:29

My tubes are hypalon. This stuff is the bees-knees, and it doesn't kill you! (Just any grass you may spell it on)

ribdog 25 April 2004 16:54

On the subject of cleaning Hulls - what is the best/easiest method of removing growth from it after 2 weeks left in the water.

Weed isn't a problem I have noticed what appears to be clear pimples - baby barnicles I would think - and don't want to come off.

Any ideas folks
:eh: :eh: :eh:

Ruff Ruff

Matt 26 April 2004 03:41

I like Mr Muscle spray cleaner with Orange, works pretty well at cleaning greasy fingerprints off most things.

For more stubborn grease & dirt, I like either Jizer or Gunk, both of which are water soluble degreasing agents available from most motor factors, and paint brush to help stipple the them off. IMHO, Gunk is the more effective one at shifting dirt & grease, but if you're rinsing it off onto tarmac you need to rinse the tarmac very well as it also softens that too! :D
I also tried Comma TFR as recommended here before and by Andy at bosunsmate. It's quite good as an everyday cleaner when you're washing down, equivalent in use , but better than, car wash shampoo.

There is a time and place for solvent based cleaners, but I limit the use of solvent based products to small parts (e.g carb components) or for small spot areas to remove glue or something. Always in a well ventilated area away from any sources of ignition. If you're doing more than a very small amount, or in a closed space, Halfords sell a reasonable quality facemask that has repleable filter elements on it that is designed to absorb the fumes. (You have to buy the correct filter element though!)

I've never found a way to remove the barnacle feet. Tried a number of different products on my drives, in the end I either shotblasted or sanded them off. Not much good on tubes I guess.

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