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Smithyyy 31 January 2012 17:55

Tk-102 tracker packing up in cold weather?
Mine seems to - works fine for several weeks (boat in storage) while it's mild, then stops working when we get a cold snap. No low voltage message or anything, just stops answering when called or texted - I get the Vodafone "the phone you are calling is switched off" message. It's wired through a charger from the boat battery which in turn has a solar trickle charger - but if the boat battery had gone flat and so the tracker battery in turn had run down I'd have thought I'd get the low battery warning - so I assume it's an issue with the tracker itself. Anyone else getting this when it turns a bit nippy?

Leapy 31 January 2012 22:51


Originally Posted by Smithyyy (Post 442345)
Anyone else getting this when it turns a bit nippy?

OK here @ -3C :thumbs:

C2 RIBS 01 February 2012 01:46

Works ok, but I had flat batteries when one boat not used and i did get a signal from it just before, initially I thought it was a move alert but looking at text closely it had battery on the location text.

jyasaki 01 February 2012 10:30

Electronics failing when it's cold (or hot) is a pretty common problem, so I wouldn't be surprised if your suspicion is correct.

Short of opening up the unit and spray freezing components, you may be able to do some problem isolation by pulling the unit and storing it in a freezer for an hour then testing operation as it warms up. A couple of cycles should give you an idea of whether it's actually temperature sensitive or not. Of course, if you can't pull the unit, this advice is worthless.


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